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A Practical Understanding of the IDDSI Framework For Canadian Healthcare Facilities and Organizations

Workshop | NUTR 002

This course will provide an opportunity for anyone involved in the Canadian Healthcare industry to be exposed to the new IDDSI program framework. The course will involve theoretical and hands-on, practical learning in a kitchen setting. This course is open to anyone working in any position in foodservice operations, clinical dietitians/supervisors, sales and marketing professionals in healthcare food services. Attendees will learn and apply the IDDSI testing procedures of foods and liquids at the identified levels of the program.

The price of the course includes lunch and light refreshments.

*Attendees must wear kitchen appropriate attire including a kitchen uniform or lab coat, non-slip shoes and a hair covering.

This full 1-day course will encompass:

  • Exposure to, and a complete understanding of, the new IDDSI program framework
  • Practical application of IDDSI food testing procedures and outcome evaluations, both of hot and cold foods (includes becoming comfortable with 2-3 IDDSI food testing procedures)
  • Practical application of IDDSI liquid testing procedures and outcome evaluations, both of hot and cold liquids (includes becoming comfortable in syringe testing procedures for all liquids)
  • Details of practical implementation planning customized to a healthcare setting serving clients with dysphagia. Attendees will learn how to plan, and what to consider, with existing processes, recipes/menus, and diet definitions