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  • New labs comingJanuary 2017

New Culinary and Bake Labs

There will be three new state-of-the-art bake labs and one new multifuntional culinary lab. Each will provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities through:

    • incorporation of real-world experiences into the learning environment
    • student and faculty involvement in applied research in food science within the community
    • the creation of new student change room and lockers for storage of personal belongings

The labs will be in close proximity to each other for ease of use and operational efficiency.

Bake Labs 

illustration of the new baking labs

The new bake labs will be fully accessible and AODA compliant. Students will have access to:

      • a new 36 tray, dual mode, hybrid oven for real world experience in volume baking
      • specialty enhanced tools and equipment 
      • 2 stage Chocolate Enrobing machines
      • 100 qt dough mixer
      • blast freezers
      • televised chef's demos

Students will have additional bake lab space and a new student-run bakery and coffee shop that will provide the opportunity to sell the baking students' class product to the Humber community. There will also be an area to showcase student work.

Culinary Lab

illustration of the new culinary labs

The culinary lab will be:

      • Multifunctional—equipment can move in and out easily, so that the lab can be customized based on the needs of each class
      • International cuisine—new culinary lab features Tandoor ovens and industrial-sized woks for use in creating Indian and Asian cuisine

The lab will feature institutional-sized equipment (i.e. tilt fryer) for students to gain experience preparing food in bulk; which will also support banquet-quantity production for catering purposes.

New LEED-certified equipment will also improve energy usage of the current labs.