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Culinary Management Graduate Cooks for Royalty

As the Royal Visit of 2016 approached I remained calm and collected as one of the biggest opportunities of my career was upon me. 

Although I have been working in the culinary industry for over a decade I only recently graduated from the Culinary Management program at Humber College. How could I have possibly been ready for what I was about to experience? Why was I so sure of myself that I had all the tools needed for the task ahead? The answer is quite simple, I graduated with all the tools I needed to successfully work in the industry.

vince capitano culinary graduate student

Royal pin

Humber College has a wonderful catalogue of chefs of all different skill sets and passions that were always readily available to help me or answer questions. The notable few being James Bodanis, Shonah Chalmers, Michael Teune, Konrad Weinbuch, Bevan Terry, Francisco Rivera and a special thank you Pastry Chef Vita, as I am not only the Sous Chef at Government House but I make all of the desserts for the dignitary dinners and had the personal pleasure of creating all the desserts the royal couple ate.

I am very proud to be a Humber Alumni and when I wear the Royal Pin that I received for my hard work this past week, (over 100 hours in 7 days) I will think about the chefs that gave me the tools to succeed.