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Emerging Trends

This course is unique among Ontario colleges. Students receive unmatched face time with several leading guest chefs about what’s happening in today’s restaurant scene and food industry. Watch the video clips below to find out more about this unique experiential learning opportunity for Humber students.

Chef MacDonald

emerging trends video

Watch the video to discover Chef MacDonald's favourite cooking style and what he is doing to help students prepare for the industry.

Chef Koupree

kouprie video

Watch the video to find out how Chef Koupree keeps young chefs and students engaged in the learnig process.

Chef Nicholson

nicholson video

Watch the video to learn more about Chef Nicholson's career and how she got her start in the culinary industry.

Chef Woodland

woodland video

Watch the video to find out how Chef Woodland helps the students learn new techniques and prepares them to work in the industry.