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Chris Diamantakos - Gym Owner and Head Trainer

Age: 26
Program/Graduating Year: Fitness & Health Promotion, 2012

Role: Runs a personal training business ( – trains clients, schedules/processes payments, maintains/updates website maintenance, manages marketing and social media.

The best part of the job: “Being in the gym setting that I love and watching clients progress and change their lives for the better day in, day out. Owning my own gym means I choose all the equipment that best suits my training techniques. It also allows me to create my ideal schedule, delegate tasks when needed, and get immediate feedback from clients. I love working for myself, and I love my clients.”

How Humber helped: “I'd probably be stuck working at a big box gym with managers breathing down my neck if not for Humber. Actually, I might not have stuck with the fitness industry at all. The Fitness & Health Program gave me all the basic and crucial information I needed to become a great trainer. The knowledge I obtained was key in making an immediate impact in the industry. Humber's internship program was also great. It gave me first-hand experience which helped develop my coaching methods while I observed how gyms and trainers functioned in the real world. You have to keep on learning and networking even when you're done school, and Humber set me up for that right off the bat.