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Bryn Sumpton

Bryn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing Science from BCIT and is the past Executive Director & CEO of the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario (RMTAO). He is an enthusiastic educator and researcher in massage therapy. His research interests include massage therapy patient empowerment, student education, treatment for the symptoms of mental illness, and client adverse events. His published peer reviewed works include "Massage therapy and Canadians' Health Care Needs 2020: Proceedings of a national research priority setting summit" and "The Use of an Informational Video to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Preparedness, Mood and Empowerment". During his work at the RMTAO, Bryn participated in the planning and initial development of the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation; the future accrediting body for massage therapy education programs. When not at Humber, he also provides business consultation services to massage therapy clinics and organization. Outside of massage therapy, Bryn's interests include hockey, dance, motorcycling, sailing, gaming and sci-fi.

bryn sumpton