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Kara Zakrzewski

Kara is a former Canadian World-Class Beach Volleyball Player who competed all over the world on the FIVB World Beach Volleyball Tour. Kara is also the founder and CEO of Mental Toughness Inc. which offers Olympic-level mental toughness training for Olympic and elite athletes, performing artists, and corporations to elevate their performance and truly enjoy all aspects of their pursuit. Kara just completed her Masters of Human Kinetics with a concentration in Sport Psychology – exactly 12 years after finishing her undergraduate BSc. degree in Kinesiology. Her thesis explored the as-lived experience of anxiety for female beach volleyball players at the 2012 London Olympics. Kara has been a professional motivational speaker for over 15 years and has also leads a leadership and personal development course with Landmark Worldwide, one of the premier training and development organizations in the world.

kara zakrewski