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City of Brampton loves ‘super hero’ Humber grads

Fun is serious business.

Just ask Donna-Lynn Rosa, the Director of Recreation and Culture for the City of Brampton.

Her department oversees all sorts of fun that happens in Brampton’s 25 recreation centres and hundreds of parks. Sports, arts, culture, theatre – a lot of work goes into ensuring all of these activities run smoothly and safely.

Managing all of this fun are 275 full-time staff and 2,600 part-time staff. They liaise with more than 60 seniors groups, 22 youth groups and 70 adult sports groups.

Keeping the fun going is a growing team of Humber grads. Donna-Lynn guessed there are more than 50 grads on her staff from Humber’s Recreation and Leisure and Sports Management programs.

Why Humber?

“We know what we’re getting,” said Donna-Lynn, who has the inside scoop having taught at Humber for a number of years.

“Some of my senior staff and I have been involved in giving feedback on Humber’s course curriculum so I know the quality of student and the quality of program that’s being delivered. I know the level they hold their students to, and we hold our staff to that same standard.”

She loves the fact that Humber grads come to her with plenty of experience outside the classroom.

“By the time they come to work with us full-time, they’ve already worked or volunteered a great number of hours. They’ve also gone through all the behind the scenes, all the administration and all the things you need to know.”

Donna-Lynn is especially impressed with Humber’s customer service component.

“I can teach anybody about recreation, but to have good customer service skills, I can’t tell you how important that is when you’re developing relationships in the community. Being able to diffuse a situation before it becomes a situation is a super hero power, and Humber grads arrive with this power.”

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