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Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel - Employer Profile

Toronto hotel enjoying Humber hospitality

When you stay at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel, a team of Humber grads have made sure your stay is comfortable from check-in to check-out. In 2015, they were part of a team that helped more than 170,000 guests.

The hotel has hired nine grads to help with the hotel’s operations. They do everything from accounting to event management, to human resources, to guest services and sales. On top of that, the hotel’s kitchen has another eight grads from Humber’s culinary programs.

“Hotel management is very much a hands-on, experience-based business and Humber gets this,” stressed General Manager, Murray Kelsey.

“Humber students get more real-life situations,” he added. “They know what they’re getting into as opposed to just academic theory. Their work placements give them real experience as a student and that’s why I like hiring them.”

As well as experience, their placements also provide much-needed exposure to the different sides of hotel operations, from food and beverage services to the room management side of the business. That helps students focus their energy on the field they want to pursue, believes Murray.

Murray is familiar with Humber’s programs because he often speaks at college and university hospitality programs about the hotel industry. With Humber being so close to his hotel, he’s no stranger to Humber’s classrooms. (He’s also reviewed Humber’s program curriculums and added his input.)

His talks are frank, covering the high points and the not so glamorous parts of running a hotel. His speaking also gives him an insider’s view of Humber’s programs where he’s noticed Humber grads recognize that their diploma, certificate or degree is just the starting point.

Advancing their careers in this field comes mainly through experience and hard work.

“Humber gives them the educational foundation as well as the skills and drive to grow their careers,” said Murray.

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