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James Bodanis Wins Distinguished Faculty Award at President’s Breakfast Awards

James Bodanis President's Breakfast

James Bodanis, a full-time Baking & Culinary professor in the School of HRT, is a prime example of how HRT staff go above and beyond what is expected of them. That’s why James was presented with the Distinguished Faculty Award at the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards.

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HRT Program Support Officers Win Extra Mile Award


Jessica Estrela, Frankie Hall and Eddie Yu, HRT's Program Support Officers, received the HRT Extra Mile Award for their exceptional customer service and their willingness to go that extra mile for students and the Humber community.

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HRT Retail Team Wins The Humber Sustainability Award

HRT Retail Team

The retail team at the School of HRT received the Humber Sustainability Award during the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards this past August.

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Research Excellence Award Presented to Massage Therapy Program Coordinator, Amanda Baskwill

Amanda Baskwill Awarded

Amanda Baskwill, the Program Coordinator for the Massage Therapy program, always shows a dedication and passion for research. That’s why it was no surprise to anyone at The School of HRT when Amanda won the Research Excellence Award.

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Antonio Folino Wins the Distinguished Support Staff Award

Antonio Folino Wins Award

Antonio Folino, the Catering and Events Manager at The School of HRT, takes his position to the next level. In recognition of this commitment, he was awarded the Distinguished Support Award at the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards.

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Anke Foller-Carroll Receives the HRT Community Service Award

Anke Foller-Carroll

Year after year, Anke Foller-Carroll, a professor in the Tourism - Travel Services Management program, demonstrates dedication to her students, coworkers and the Humber community. That's why, this year, Anke received The School of HRT’s Community Service Award. 

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HRT Faculty and Staff Celebrate a Year of Successes at Plenary 2017


At Plenary 2017, HRT faculty and staff assembled at Woodbine Racetrack to reflect on and celebrate an outstanding academic year full of accomplishments, innovations and hard work.

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James Bodanis Granted the Chair’s Award of Excellence

James Bodanis

The School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism is pleased to announce that James Bodanis, Program Coordinator for the Cook Apprenticeship, has been granted the Chair’s Award of Excellence by the Ontario College of Trades.

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Culinary Student Wins the SAPUTO Junior Culinary Challenge


On May 27, 2017, Solange O., a student in the Culinary Management program, won first place at the 2017 SAPUTO National Junior Culinary Challenge.
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HRT Professor Turns a Tragedy into a Teachable Moment


Tragedy struck Humber College in 2015 when Satvir Singh, a 22-year-old International HRT student, drowned in Professor’s Lake in Brampton.

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Wine and Spirit Education Trust - Level 2

6pm - 9pm in D131, $900.00 inclusive
Students must be 19 years of age or older

This course offers an intermediate-level exploration of wines and spirits for those working in the industry or wine and spirit enthusiasts.

Wine exam

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes Program

6pm-8:15pm in C108, $199.00 inclusive

The Healthy Changes Lifestyle Program is an innovative, collaborative approach to developing healthy lifestyles that incorporates the expertise of faculty and students in the School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (HRT).

students looking at Canadian food guide

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Nutrition for Healthy Living

Online, $99.00 inclusive

This course examines the key elements of good nutrition from an evidence-based scientific perspective. Students will acquire fundamental knowledge in nutrition, which they can use to make improvements in their own diet.

Bowl of oatmeal and berries

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Wine and Spirit Education Trust - Level 1

9am - 5pm in D131, $450.00 inclusive
Students must be 19 years of age or older

This course is a beginner-level introduction to wine suited for those starting a wine career or pursuing an interest in wine.


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Aromatic Whites of France

6:30pm - 8:30pm in D131, $70.00 inclusive
Students must be 19 years of age or older

Get to know the who's who of French white grapes; these are wines with big personalities that will capture your imagination. Learn what makes them special and the food that makes them shine.

White wines

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Business Etiquette

6pm - 9pm in D221, $150.00 inclusive

New to the business world? New to Canada? Have you ever wondered how to get engaged during social interactions and dining experiences to further your career and business opportunities? Then this course is for you!

business colleagues enjoying dinner in a restaurant

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Art History Tourism - Rome

6pm - 8pm in D242, $99.00 inclusive

In this introductory workshop, students will examine and investigate Roman art and art history, looking at how Rome has played a major role in creating some of Western Civilization's most significant artworks.


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A Practical Understanding of the IDDSI Framework For Canadian Healthcare Facilities and Organizations

Section 1 - Friday November 24, 8am - 5pm in D145, $250.00 inclusive

This course will provide an opportunity for anyone involved in the Canadian Healthcare industry to be exposed to the new IDDSI program framework.

vegetables in a lab setting

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Advanced Food Safety Training

9am-5pm in B106, $275.00 inclusive

The course will help food handlers and management within the Foodservice/ Food Retail sector learn important information about food safety.

Chef in kitchen

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Tandoori Cooking

6pm - 10pm in D145, $299.00 inclusive

The Indian Tandoori cooking course introduces students to the process of cooking in a tandoori kitchen.

Indian food

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