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Hospitality Sector Offers a Menu of Opportunity and Advancement

Want a prosperous and fulfilling career? The hospitality industry may hold the key. Learn more about six Humber grads who have chosen hospitality careers and have never looked back.

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Tourism and Travel Management Student Awarded JCA Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce that new Tourism and Travel Management student, Yanet Daniel Tekle, has been selected as the recipient of the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) Dudley Laws Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Humber College.

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GTHA/Humber Hotel Management Leadership Students Celebrate Graduating From The Program

Students Graduating

The evening of September 21, 2017 was filled with congratulatory celebrations as the GTHA/Humber Hotel Management Leadership Program students attended their graduation ceremony at the Humber Room North Campus.

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James Bodanis Wins Distinguished Faculty Award at President’s Breakfast Awards

James Bodanis President's Breakfast

James Bodanis, a full-time Baking & Culinary professor in the School of HRT, is a prime example of how HRT staff go above and beyond what is expected of them. That’s why James was presented with the Distinguished Faculty Award at the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards.

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HRT Program Support Officers Win Extra Mile Award


Jessica Estrela, Frankie Hall and Eddie Yu, HRT's Program Support Officers, received the HRT Extra Mile Award for their exceptional customer service and their willingness to go that extra mile for students and the Humber community.

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HRT Retail Team Wins The Humber Sustainability Award

HRT Retail Team

The retail team at the School of HRT received the Humber Sustainability Award during the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards this past August.

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Research Excellence Award Presented to Massage Therapy Program Coordinator, Amanda Baskwill

Amanda Baskwill Awarded

Amanda Baskwill, the Program Coordinator for the Massage Therapy program, always shows a dedication and passion for research. That’s why it was no surprise to anyone at The School of HRT when Amanda won the Research Excellence Award.

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Antonio Folino Wins the Distinguished Support Staff Award

Antonio Folino Wins Award

Antonio Folino, the Catering and Events Manager at The School of HRT, takes his position to the next level. In recognition of this commitment, he was awarded the Distinguished Support Award at the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards.

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Anke Foller-Carroll Receives the HRT Community Service Award

Anke Foller-Carroll

Year after year, Anke Foller-Carroll, a professor in the Tourism - Travel Services Management program, demonstrates dedication to her students, coworkers and the Humber community. That's why, this year, Anke received The School of HRT’s Community Service Award. 

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HRT Faculty and Staff Celebrate a Year of Successes at Plenary 2017


At Plenary 2017, HRT faculty and staff assembled at Woodbine Racetrack to reflect on and celebrate an outstanding academic year full of accomplishments, innovations and hard work.

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