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September 11, 2017


Antonio Folino, the Catering and Events Manager at The School of HRT, takes his responsibilities to the next level. In recognition of Antonio's commitment to his role, Humber President, Chris Whitaker, and Chair of the Board of Governors, Brien Gray, presented Antonio Folino with the Distinguished Support Award at the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards on August, 28th.

As the Catering and Events Manager, Antonio not only plans all functions with the utmost care and attention to detail, but he also works to develop his staff's skills through careful mentoring. He’s also committed to student success, going out of his way on his personal time to check in on students and support them in their learning.

Antonio is enthusiastic about his personal and professional growth, as he consistently attends workshops, conferences and tradeshows. He represents The School of HRT at internal and external catering events, and, last June, Antonio was elected to Humber’s Board of Governors as the support staff representative.

In addition to his commitments to The School of HRT and the Humber community, Anthony is dedicated to a variety of charities. Some of his past involvements include: Heart and Stroke, Walk for Life, Green Committee and more.

We here at The School of HRT feel very fortunate to have Antonio on our faculty. Thank you for your commitment to Humber and for mentoring your staff and students, and congratulations on receiving the Distinguished Support Staff Award!

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Antonio Folino Distinguished Support Award