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Baking, Pastry and Culinary Labs

New Culinary and Bake Labs

Three new state-of-the-art bake labs and one new multifuntional culinary lab are now open. These labs include a student-run bakery and coffee shop as well as institutional-sized equipment.

The Mandarin and Garland INDUCTION Cooking Labs

Using the latest in European technology, these kitchens have raised the bar in design standards and utilizing energy saving and environmentally friendly technology. Induction cooking, mobile multi-purpose equipment, ventilation ceiling systems, temperature controlled cold storage and wine cellars will all define the great kitchen of tomorrow. The specific characteristics of the induction cooking labs are as follows:

  • 90% energy efficiency due to microprocessor technology, high quality components and well-engineered construction
  • Rapid attainment of cooking temperatures
  • Cooking points require no pre-heating
  • Rapid response to changes in power setting
  • No power wastage after pans are removed from the cooking point
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional technologies

Culinary Demonstration Theatre & Lab

This lab was opened in 2007 and features a modern Ventmaster ceiling system with fans and ducts hidden behind a stainless steel ceiling where grease and bacteria can’t build up. This lab also features four plasma screen TV’s where demonstrations can be projected for easy viewing, television and satellite hook-up allowing for international broadcasting capabilities.

This lab has received some of  North America’s most prestigious awards:

  • National Restaurant Association Show, Kitchen Innovation Award
  • Foodservice Consultants Society International, Product of the Year Award
  • North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Award
  • Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario Award

Butchery and Charcuterie Kitchens

Students will have the unique opportunity to practice the fundamentals of deboning, filleting and meat preparations using smoker ovens, charcuterie blenders and butchery equipment.

Small Quantity Multi-Purpose Kitchens

These multi-purpose labs with movable equipment function to deliver a variety of courses, including: Asian Cuisine, Nutrition, International Cuisines, Seafood and Contemporary Plate Presentation.

Cold & Hot Food Kitchens of the Humber Room Restaurant

In this lab students are exposed to the real life fast paced environment of a working restaurant kitchen.  Students rotate through every work station in the kitchen, from hot food to cold food preparation, and from appetizers to desserts.

Wine Tasting and Demonstration Theatre

A luxurious theatre where students are introduced to wines of the world and the intricacies of food and wine pairing.  the lab is equipped with its own wine cellar/cooler, a demonstration induction cooking unit, glassware racks, storage and washing equipment and full audio visual and satellite broadcast capabilities.

Mixology Lab

Students learn the theory and practical skills of a wide range of beverages and mixology. A fully equipped lab for creating mixed drinks, understanding beers, spirits and wines.