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  • Massage Therapy Students

Massage Therapy Clinic

Humber’s Massage Therapy Clinic offers appointments to anyone - faculty, staff, students and members of the public with students in the Massage Therapy program. Students in Humber’s 3-year advanced diploma program in Massage Therapy offer this service as part of their on-campus internship which is a component of the program curriculum.

Contact and Payment

On-Campus 416.675.6622 x 5055

Payment options include: Debit and credit card payments only.


North Campus A107

Pre-Visit Expectations

Appointments can take from 30-75 minutes. Please ensure you are prepared to stay for the maximum amount of time.

Download Forms

To expedite your visit, download and fill out the forms (below) required for your service and bring them to your appointment.

Clinic Schedule

The MT Clinic is currently closed for the Spring/Summer duration. Please check back at the end of August to view an updated appointment schedule.

Clinic Treatment Options

New Patient Assessment Students Non-Students

As a new patient, your massage therapy student will interview you about your current and previous health status and any pain you are experiencing to determine areas of discomfort or focus. Together, you will establish the goals for treatment. The massage therapy student will perform physical assessments, as appropriate for your goals, to determine a safe and effective treatment plan specific to your needs and goals.

All patients in the Massage Therapy Student Clinic must undergo a new patient assessment before other treatment options will be available to book.

Please wear or bring loose fitting clothing for the assessment (such as shorts and a t-shirt)

Assessment - 30 to 45 minutes

$10.00+HST $20.00+HST
Rehabilitation or Maintenance Appointment Students Non-Students

Once you have an established treatment plan for rehabilitation or maintenance, your massage therapy student will provide a 30 to 45 minute specific treatment. This treatment will use massage techniques that are best suited to achieve your goals. Some techniques may be uncomfortable, so your massage therapy student will check in with you to ensure treatment is safe and effective. Areas of the body will be determined by your initial assessment. Fifteen minutes are set aside to discuss any changes in your health, reassess and to obtain your consent for today’s treatment.

  • Reassessment and consent – 15 minutes
  • Treatment – 30-45 minutes
  • Remedial Exercise – 15-30 minutes
$20.00+HST $38.00+HST
New Treatment Plan for Returning Patients Students Non-Students

If you have already been assessed at the Clinic, but have a new concern you would like to work on, you need a new treatment plan. This appointment combines a slightly longer assessment with treatment. This will include:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment plan
  • Treatment
  • Reassessment
Assessment, reassessment and consent – 25 minutes Treatment – 30-45 minutes
$23.00+HST $41.00+HST
Wellness Appointment Students Non-Students

If you are looking for a massage therapy treatment to achieve wellness goals, this appointment combines assessment with treatment. This will include:

  • Interview and assessment
  • Treatment

This treatment will only use superficial massage techniques to achieve your wellness goals.

Assessment, reassessment and consent – 25 minutes Treatment – 50 minutes

$23.00+HST $41.00+HST