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Course Name Course Code
A Practical Understanding of the IDDSI Framework For Canadian Healthcare Facilities and Organizations   NUTR 002
Advanced Food Safety Training   HRT 018
Afternoon Tea Desserts   HRT 012
Air Reservations   TRAV 134
Aromatic Whites of France   HRT 052
Art History Tourism - Rome   WKSH H02
Artisan Bread   HRT 022
Artisan Bread and Chocolate   HRT 056
Automated Air Reservation   TRAV 133
Automated Airfare and Tickets   TRAV 135
Baking and Pastry Arts   CMC 103
Basic Contemporary Culinary Skills and Techniques   CULN 135
Brewing Small Batch Beers   HRT 025
Business Etiquette   HRT 010
California Dreaming - An introduction to the Wines of California   HRT 053
Career Preparation   FDSV 121
Certified Chef de Cuisine Exam   CULN 159
Certified Chef de Cuisine Test   CULN 160
Cook Level 1   APP 041
Cook Level 2   APP 043
Cost Controls   CULN 125
Craft Brewing in Toronto   HRT 009
Culinary Training Basic Skills (Developmental Service Worker)   DSW 001
Customer Service Skills   FDSV 101
Destination Geography   TRAV 147
Developing Specialty Vacations   TRAV 148
Effective Leadership and Management   HRT 150
Entrepreneurial and Hospitality Marketing   CMC 108
Exercise Program Design   FITN 112
Exploring the World of Wines and Spirits   CMC 109
Facility Design and Management   CMC 102
Fall in Love with Beer and Chocolate   HRT 005
Fares and Tickets: International   TRAV 152
Financial Management for Senior Living Homes   AHSL 010
Fine Art of Cake Decorating - Level 1   HRT 007
Fine Art of Cake Decorating - Level 2   HRT 021
Fire and Ice: Pairing Beer with Spicy Food   HRT 020
Flagship Reds of France   HRT 054
Food Services Operations Practical   FDSV 102
Food, Nutrition, Food Services & Hospitality Operations for Healthy Senior Living   AHSL 020
Garde Manger and Charcuterie   CMC 101
General Management & Administration for Senior Living Homes   AHSL 031
Gingerbread House Decoration and Gingerbread Cookies   CULN 013
Ground Transportation   TRAV 143
Health Screening & Fitness Testing   FITN 113
Health Wellness and Recreation for Senior Living   AHSL 011
Healthy Changes Program   HRT 019
Hearty Soups   HRT 076
Heat Things Up In The Kitchen   HRT 077
Home Based Travel Agent   HRT 026
Hospitality   TRAV 144
Hosting for the Holidays   WKSH H01
Hotel and Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategy   HRT 006
HR Management & Leadership   AHSL 021
Human Resources Management   CULN 156
Introduction to Beverages   FDSV 122
Introduction to Bread Making   HRT 016
Introduction to Exercise Science   FITN 110
Introduction to Food and Beverage Operations   FDSV 100
Low Fat Baking   HRT 078
Mental Health First Aid Training   HRT 017
Menu Planning   CULN 157
Nutrition   CULN 158
Nutrition for Healthy Living   NUTR 001
Nutritional Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine and Food Allergies   CMC 107
Practical Baking and Pastry   CMC 106
Practical Food Styling and Presentation   CMC 111
Practical Garde Manger and Charcuterie   CMC 105
Practical: Nutritional Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine and Food Allergies   CMC 112
Product Knowledge and Purchasing Procedures   CMC 104
Red Seal Refresher   CULN 027
Resistance Exercise Techniques   FITN 111
Restaurant Service Practicum   FDSV 120
Sales & Marketing for Senior Living Homes   AHSL 030
Selling Vacations and Tours   TRAV 146
Small Group Tour Leadership   TRAV 149
Spanish Wines and Tapas   HRT 079
Strong Body, Strong Mind   WKSH H10
Taking Off in Travel   TRAV 139
Tandoori Cooking   HRT 008
The Art of Chocolate Truffles   CULN 011
The Cruise Market   TRAV 145
The Joy of Chocolate Truffles Workshop   HRT 074
Travel Sales and Trends   TRAV 142
Visit the World of Belgian Beer and Food   HRT 013
Wine and Chocolate Pairing   HRT 080
Wine and Food Pairing Basics   HRT 075
Wine and Spirit Education Trust - Level 1   WSET 001
Wine and Spirit Education Trust - Level 2   WSET 002
Wine Etiquette for Business   HRT 023
Yoga Exercise Specialist (YES)   HRT 024
Yoga Exercise Specialist Part 2   HRT 027