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Corporate and Community Training Programs

Provide your employees with the opportunity for professional development and enjoy a workforce equipped with strong leadership, and operational skills. We provide training in culinary,baking, hospitality, wellness and nutritional skills.

Team Building Workshop

Enjoy the benefits of strengthening your organizations team spirit through customized events that bring HR strategies into the kitchen and into your work culture.

Team building video

Watch the video of a group of co-workers strengthening their teamwork skills at a Humber Corporate Training workshop.

  • Teams work under the guidance of Humber’s skilled chefs

  • Promote creativity, communication, problem-solving, collaboration and leadership

  • Enjoy a meal prepared together with your colleagues upon completion of the team building event

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Corporate and Community Training Programs

Allergen Training Workshop

As a food service professional, understanding food allergies is essential. This workshop examines the key food allergies in Canada and your role in helping keep your customers safe. Key topics covered during this workshop include: Allergies vs intolerances, the top food allergens, other common diet restrictions, symptoms of and how to handle allergic reactions. Special emphasis is placed on Canada’s food allergy guidelines and how to prevent cross-contact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key food allergens and intolerances in Canada and their implications on health
  • Understand the types of food restrictions and how to provide safe allergen free foods to customers
  • Prevent cross-contact of allergen containing foods at your restaurant
  • Recognize and React to signs of an allergic reaction and steps to take during an allergy incident
  • Plan the steps to take at your restaurant for preventing and responding to food allergies