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Continuing Education Summer Workshops

The School of HRT's Continuing Studies summer workshops are tailored for students interested in pursuing a post-secondary education and who would like to experience a day in the life at college.

During these workshops, students learned vital job training skills, what college is all about, and developed a clearer idea of what they would like to pursue after high school.

Delta Family 2

Aboriginal Summer Camp

Dates: May 17 - 19 & May 24 - 26

The Aboriginal Summer Camp is a three-day long learning experience for students in grades 6-8 from across Ontario.

Over the course of their stay, students rotate between the North and Lakeshore campuses and participate in fun, hands-on learning activities, like making pizza and learning about food safety in a state-of-the-art kitchen. At the end of each day, students sleep in a college residence, giving them an authentic college experience.

The structure of this program allows for students to alternate between college training workshops and traditional Indigenous activities, which creates a comprehensive and complete learning experience.

Align workshop


Dates: July 4 - 5 & August 9 - 10

The ALiGN program, along with the support of Community Employment Services sites from Albion, Kipling and Jane, is designed to assist unemployed youth between the ages of 18-29 with finding entry-level positions in the culinary and hospitality industries.

Instructors work with two student groups over the course of two days. Day one focuses on developing restaurant and housekeeping skills. Day two is a line cook workshop where students prepare a three-course meal.

Delta Family workshop

Delta Family Resource Centre “Think Outside the Box” + Pathways to Education

Dates: July 5, 12 & 26

This program aims to provide high school students with personal or economic barriers preventing them from pursuing a post-secondary education an opportunity to experience college. Students sample different educational programs, explore career paths and gain knowledge and guidance to inspire them to further pursue a post-secondary education.

This workshop consists of a series of culinary classes set in a professional kitchen and taught by high-level, professional chefs. As part of this workshop, students learn to make a pizza from scratch and then eat the results of their labour.

The Delta Family Resource Centre workshop is funded via the Humber College Community Partnership Fund.

Ontario Skills workshop

Skills Ontario

Dates: July 17 & 24, two-hour sessions

Numbers: 20 each session 

Skills Ontario Summer Camp is a week-long day program for kids entering grades 7-9. Through hands-on activities related to the skilled trades, campers develop communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Continuing Education along with the School of HRT participates in these sessions by providing engaging culinary workshops for the attending students. These sessions give campers the opportunity to learn from skilled culinary professionals in a fun, effective setting.

Students learn to make a pizza, including the sauce and dough, and then get the pleasure of eating it afterward. The workshop also includes clean-up, kitchen safety and time management skills.

DSW workshop

Developmental Service Worker Summer Workshops

Dates: July 17 - 21 & August 14 - 18

In partnership with Christina Horizons, the Developmental Service Worker Program is a certificate course intended to teach students with developmental disabilities basic kitchen skills to work in the culinary field. The program focuses on sanitization, kitchen structure, culinary skills, food preparation and practice handling culinary equipment.

At the end of this five-day session, students emerge with a good understanding of basic kitchen sanitization and cleaning principles, using culinary equipment, food preparation and presentation, as well as proper storage techniques. Additionally, students are better equipped with soft skills such as listening, responsibility and teamwork.