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Wellness Workshops

New this fall from the CHL are a series of wellness workshops presented by faculty of the School of HRT. Workshops include: discussion of the new Canada’s Food Guide- how to interpret and what does it mean, Mindful Eating- how to start your practice and be more mindful about your food. Keep your eyes peeled to the CHL website and the Communique for updates.

Sign up for these workshops at the Centre for Healthy Living in A107.

Students in the Guelph-Humber Kinesiology Program are offering several workshops on various stress management techniques.

Mondays, 11:45am - 1:30pm

  • Feb 25: Art Therapy and Stress Ball - Room: T131 (Residence)
  • March 4: Dance and Music - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • March 11: Healthy Snacks and Slime - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • March 25: Music - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • April 1: Aroma Therapy and Therapy Pets - Room: T132 (Residence)

Thursdays, 11:45 am - 1:30 pm

  • Feb 28: Fitness - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • March 7: Coloring - Room: T131 (Residence)
  • March 14: Painting - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • March 21: Sculpting - Room: T132 (Residence)
  • March 28: Essential Oils and Yoga - Room: T131 (Residence)
  • April 4: ASMR - Room: T132 (Residence)