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Internship Partners

At Beautiful World, we believe hope begins with education. That is why we support girls living in poverty in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone to pursue a higher education—either at the secondary level, or in college and university programs. Each scholarship provides everything a student needs for success, ranging from tuition to toothpaste. We then take it one step further to offer our students additional support through programs like mentorship, employment training, and medical care. We are a small but mighty charity and we host events in the community to raise funds and bring awareness to the importance of girls’ education. We have hosted 3 Humber Events students in mentorship and events employment training. These students have been an asset to the team. They are smart, dedicated and hands-on. Both the Beautiful World office and interns have benefited greatly. Students get hands-on work experience in a fast-paced charity and we hosted reliable students 3 days a week for 4 months.

Over the years we have had a number of student placements from Humber College’s Arts Administration and Cultural Management and as Event Management programs. Students from this program have come into their internships with a vast knowledge of the arts, cultural and events sector business practices, as well as many skills they were able to quickly adapt to various projects. From this success we have been able to form lasting relationships which have gone beyond their internship placements.

We took pride in teaching a young student enrolled in Hospitality - Event Management program at Humber College. We wanted to help them reach their goal while offering a professional internship.