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Internship Partners

The Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism has provided us with well-equipped and eager to learn interns. Our interns have always been professional and have taken initiative from small tasks to larger projects. We look forward to our next intern and the opportunity to provide some great, fast-paced experience!

Having a Humber student complete their internship with our resort was a game changer for my department. We were able to complete projects and tasks in a much more timely fashion and also had the opportunity to teach and coach someone at the same time that was new to the industry. Not only was this rewarding, but it also helps another person in this industry learn, grow faster and be able to help accomplish their goals. The quality of work was also something we were impressed by and shows the preparedness of both the student and the program they have come from. We would be very pleased to continue the intern program with Humber College in the future based on the successful track record we've had.