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June 13, 2018


Extraordinary things can be accomplished when you set a goal and persevere. This is what 30-year-old Michael Mathews learned this past week after successfully completing his 30-hour run. On June 1st at 7 am, Mike began his mission of running for 30 hours to raise money for Sick Kids. More specifically, a 12-year-old boy from Simcoe Ontario currently living with cystic fibrosis. The event took place at the Simcoe Fairgrounds and went from 7 am on June 1st to 1 pm on June 2nd. Michael Managed to raise $8,300 for Anthony and his family to go to the Bahamas and go scuba diving.

Michael just completed his 1st year in the Fitness and Health Promotion program here at Humber College. He is a strong believer in living an active healthy lifestyle and understands the importance of community and engaging in real-life conversation. Last summer he did his first fundraiser for Terry Fox and ran four marathons in four days. This year he wanted to push himself to the max and was going to run for 24-hours straight but decided to make it 30 hours in accordance with his 30th birthday. Michael knew he wanted to make a difference in the community and he knew he wanted to help a sick child. After getting in touch with SickKids, he asked if there was any child in the Norfolk County that he could help. That is how he came to hear of Anthony and decided to Adopt-a-Wish. This is when you choose to support an individual wish of a child to help their wish come true. He began training for this event in early January, doing no high-intensity interval training and going on long slow runs. He was running about 100 km a week and training in the gym 20-25 hours every week. He was able to focus 100 percent on training and getting prepared for the big day with the help of his mom, who organized everything else.

Community involvement was important for Michael, and he found it was easy to get people involved. Back when he did the Terry Fox run, he sometimes had people accompany him running alongside the road. This time, he wanted to make it easily accessible and safe for everyone in the community to get involved. The run took place at an indoor track where members of the community were encouraged to get active and participate in a good cause. As an extra incentive, if you walked or ran 2 laps around the track, you would receive several ballots to enter your name in a draw for the chance to win some prizes, which were all donated by local businesses. Friends, family, and strangers all came together to help support Michael’s cause to raise money for Sick Kids.

When people come together remarkable things can be achieved. Thanks to Michael’s initiative, and with the help of his mom, uncle, friends, acquaintances and local business owners, he was able to push himself to the next level, accomplishing the impossible, and allowed for Anthony’s dream of scuba diving in the Bahamas to come true.

30-hour run

Mike at 30-hour run

Mike and his crew

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