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February 6, 2017


The legacy of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games lives on in the partnership that was first announced in October 2014 between Headwaters Tourism, Humber College and the Town of Caledon. The innovative public private partnership that was announced in 2014 was designed to support workforce training, tourism development and to help support the next generation of workers in the tourism industry.

On February 4th, 2017, the third annual Tourism Ambassador Certification program was delivered to 75 students from Humber College’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. This annual certification program has quickly become a program that students are anxious to get involved in. The theme for the 2017 program was Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebration, and focused on the importance of major events and celebrations as key tourism demand generators, and the importance of building a culture of ambassadorship to leverage the economic impact of these types of events. Along with the opportunity to meet with industry professionals in the tourism and major events sector, it also provided students with a unique networking opportunity, and additional skills training that will serve them well as they seek employment in the field upon graduation.

The 2017 Tourism Ambassador Certification Program was delivered by:

  • Jill Paterson, Project Manager for TO Canada 150 With Love, City of Toronto
  • Michele Harris, Executive Director, Headwaters Tourism
  • Kristy Adams, Program Coordinator/Professor, Humber College School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
  • Denise Gardner, Acting Associate Dean, Humber College School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
  • Janet Latremouille, Owner, J.A.R. and Associates

Thanks to all of who were involved in this day of exceptional learning, including Jessica Estrela, Ramesh Srinivsan and for our Program Coordinators who went above and beyond to share the program’s announcement with your students.

We had a record turnout for our 3rd year of the program. With a packed house, there are many thank yous in order!

Jill Paterson - Project Manager with City of Toronto

Thank you for making the Saturday morning trek into Humber College to share with us. We are so delighted to have met you and to have learned great things about TO Canada 150 with Love! We look forward to any volunteer/job opportunities available to our students.

Michele Harris - Executive Director, Headwaters Tourism

Your passion and devotion to tourism and to teaching are so obvious especially when you impart your knowledge with us. Thank you for getting tourism to be "real" at Humber College! A little kitchen discussion has become a real deal at Humber.

Denise Gardner - Acting Associate Dean, School of HRT

Amidst a jam-packed schedule, you outstandingly reprised your role to share with us the importance of cultural diversity and integration. So relevant in recent times. A GREAT exercise for all with the onion, glasses and fish bowl! Thank you for the coffee and Timbits, your help with resetting the room as well as your support and Tweets throughout.

Janet Latremouille - Instructor and Owner, J.A.R. and Associates

LOOK UP! LOOK UP! LOOK UP! Thank you, Janet, for reprising your role in your true fashion - with humour and engagement; you truly make exceeding customer expectations front and centre and APPLICABLE! Thanks also for the Room Set-up and Tear-Down; just like the old days in the hotel.

Jessica Estrela - Program Support Officer

Thank you for coordinating all of the details to make the day seamless. Your "behind-the-scenes" work was so integral in making the event a true success!

Jennifer Ivankovic

Thank you for the SWAG! When the students received their certificates they were delighted to receive an HRT memento.

Ramesh Srinivasan

Who in his/her right mind comes in on a Saturday morning to support his/her colleagues? Why Ramesh, that's who!!!! Thank you so much for showing up on Saturday to provide moral support and assistance throughout the entire day. We are grateful for your involvement and support. And thank you for the best kept secret - McDonald's croissants!!!

Program Coordinators

Thank you so much for sharing the program's announcement with your students. Representation at the program included students from Culinary Management, Event Management, Hospitality & Tourism Operations Management, Tourism - Travel Services Management and Hospitality Management. There were 2 students who attended beyond HRT from The Business School - one student from Marketing and one from Business!

Graduate class

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