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April 3, 2018 

On Tuesday, March 27th, The School of HRT Hospitality alumni returned to campus for the annual Hospitality Alumni Event. Graduates who now work in food and beverage, hotels, restaurants, and finance, formed a panel that helped answer current students’ burning questions about the industry.

After introductions were made, the event began with some tips from our panel on how to be successful in the hotel industry. They spoke to our students about the importance of networking and learning from your professional team. Our guests urged students to think outside the box and make the most out of every experience, including your internship. There is always something to be learned from every position. Even if you do not get a job directly from your internship, our guests spoke of the importance of being patient and working hard.

The conversation then moved on to the topic of challenges in the hospitality industry. Challenges mentioned included the pros and cons of working in a boutique-sized company. While you get a lot of hands-on experience, the structure can affect the career trajectory depending on your role. It comes down to fit, and what works best for each individual!

Finally, our guests spoke about how Humber helped them on their paths to success. From decision-making skills to the expert faculty and connections at Humber, each panel member took something unique away. One thing is for sure – the time spent in the Humber Room practical lab was invaluable.

After the formal panel session, our students, alumni and industry partner had some refreshments during a network and mix and mingle.

Thank you to everyone who joined us – alumni, students, and industry partners included! All of you form an integral part of the Humber hospitality network.

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