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March 13, 2018 

One of the School of HRT’s proud partners in health is Longo’s. Not only have they partnered with us to develop the Healthy Changes Program, but they are also committed to consistently providing their employees with resources and opportunities that promote health and wellness.

On Thursday, March 8th, our Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion students joined Longo’s for their Health Fair. This was a day dedicated to exploring various aspects of nutrition and partnerships that promote healthy living. Our students attended and set up displays focusing on different topics and food groups to help Longo’s employees understand the importance of a well-balanced approach to nutrition.

Additionally, our students represented our Healthy Changes program, which combines culinary classes, nutrition education and fitness classes within an 8-week program to help people establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. To learn more about our Healthy Changes program and to register, please visit our website here.

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