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July 20, 2018


The 5th annual Foodie Festival took place Friday, July 6th at the Albion Library. This festival is designed to showcase the diversity of food culture in our community, while also educating and entertaining guests. More than 60 exhibitors got together at this community event for a day of entertainment, eating and learning. Among these exhibitors, was the Humber Food Truck and a group of Humber students from the nutrition program. The Humber Food Truck was one of the ten restaurants serving food samples at the event, and the nutrition students ran a table sharing information with visitors about the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Although the Humber Food Truck is at Humber North campus the majority of the time, it made a special appearance out to this community event. Serving up chickpea pulses in a mini cone topped with onion sprouts, Chef Ash Served more than 1600 samples to guests present. The little hand-held appetizers were dairy- and meat-free and were a huge hit amongst attendees.

Humber nutrition students Jessika, Madison, Liz, Helena, and Mandisa did a great job sharing tips with guests about the importance of a balanced diet. In particular, they discussed importance of calcium, how much calcium you should be getting every day, and the different foods you can get calcium from. They also shared information on the Healthy Changes Lifestyle program offered here at Humber and the Nutrition for the Healthy Living program offered online.

To wrap up the day, Jessika and Mandisa did a live demonstration called “F is for Fiber” and displayed how easy and convenient it is to make your own fresh hummus at home. Everyone in the audience had the opportunity to try the hummus with fresh veggies and the feedback was great.

Thank you, Tania Fernandes, for organizing this event and for giving our school the opportunity to be a part of it!

Humber Booth

Humber Students at Foodie Fest

Humber students

Food Sample

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