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October 4, 2017


On October 2nd, the School of HRT’s Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle students celebrated Vegetarian Awareness Day by spreading the word about how reducing your meat intake can lower your carbon footprint. Students discussed the ways that agriculture and meat consumption contribute to global warming and impact the world for both humans and wildlife.

In partnership with Humber Sustainability, HRT students showcased their knowledge and expertise on vegetarianism and environmental sustainability by constructing interactive booths in the E-concourse at Humber College North Campus. Humber students and staff walking by the E-concourse were drawn in by educational booths with topics that varied from vegetarianism and its impact on reducing waste and pollution, to the environmental impact of beef production. All booths contained interactive games and quizzes, along with vegetarian food samples and recipes.

Humber Sustainability’s mission is to produce a greener campus by encouraging everyone to alter certain lifestyle choices in order to reduce our ecological and carbon footprint. Thanks to our Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle students for helping us on our journey towards sustainability!

Students at Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian Day Booth

Vegetarian Day

Students set up at Vegetarian Day

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