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Genevieve Mailloux

For anyone watching her play “school” as a child, it was clear that Geneviève Mailloux was destined to be a teacher. However, her fascination with the human body along with her personal experience with asthma, led her to pursue her studies in Respiratory Therapy at Fanshawe College. Upon graduation in 2002, Geneviève became a Respiratory Therapist and quickly gained clinical experience collaborating with hospital healthcare teams to manage patients in critical care, intensive care, labour and delivery and palliative care.

In 2004, Geneviève to decided to shift her career to preventative and rehabilitative care, and returned to school to study Massage Therapy at D’Arcy Lane Institute. Due to her previous experience, Geneviève quickly became a mentor for many of her classmates. Her ability to simplify concepts and her enthusiasm for teaching did not go unnoticed. Upon graduation in 2005, the director of D’Arcy Lane Institute invited Geneviève to join the faculty team and thus began her journey into formal teaching.

Geneviève is grateful for the opportunity to combine her clinical experience with her passion for teaching and learning. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Geneviève primarily treats musculoskeletal impairments associated with injuries, surgery, pregnancy, neurological conditions and postural dysfunctions. In addition to her practice at Fab Your Life Inc., she has traveled with the Ontario Junior Blues Rugby Team to provide treatments during National Rugby Championship tournaments.

Geneviève has been an integral faculty member in Humber’s Massage Therapy program since its inception in 2009. Having recently completed her Bachelor Degree in Health Science from Thompson Rivers University, Geneviève can relate to the student experience. She is cognizant of the various challenges that adult learners face and therefore thrives to make every class productive, fun and valuable for her students. With a vested interest in shaping her future colleagues, Geneviève is committed to providing students with the necessary tools and support to become confident, competent and highly skilled Registered Massage Therapists.

Genevieve Mailloux