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September 11, 2017


At The School of HRT, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally-conscious institution, and we work hard to implement sustainable, green practices and policies. Over the last few years, the retail team at the School of HRT has been instrumental in this initiative, working diligently to provide the Humber community with sustainable options on-campus.

Because of their hard work, Humber President, Chris Whitaker, and Chair of the Board of Governors, Brien Gray, presented the retail team with the Humber Sustainability Award during the President’s Breakfast - Staff Recognition Awards this past August.

The members that contributed to the team’s success and received the award include: Helen Daginis, Kellie Elliot, Sharaf Elsayed, Antonio Folino, Trevor Meynert, Grace Regala and Sarah Woloschuk.

Some of the group’s accomplishments include:

  • Providing students and faculty with compostable coffee cups, soup cups and cutlery
  • Offering discounted coffee to people who bring their own mugs
  • Composting coffee grinds and leftover food
  • Incorporating honey sourced from Humber apiaries into salad dressings used on-campus
  • Using locally-grown food as vegetarian choices on menus and even using vegetables and fruits grown on-campus in meals

These are just a selection of the initiatives the retail team has spearheaded. Every day, there is so much more they do for the Humber community.

Thank you to the entire retail team for all of your hardwork and commitment to sustainability. Congratulations on this achievement and keep up the great work! 

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HRT Retail Sustainability Award