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August 27, 2018


The past five days were filled with long days, demanding tests and delicious food for the Certified Master Chef (CMC) exams. Candidates spent all of their time between August 22nd – 26th in the kitchen where they worked hard to earn the title of Certified Master Chef.

After five days of intense exams, two out of five candidates passed all required exams and earned the title of Certified Master Chef. Congratulations to Oliver Li and Shawn Whalen who were the successful candidates this year!

The CMC professional designation is the newest certification under the Canadian Culinary Institute (CCI) and is the highest attainable culinary designation in Canada. Humber has been the exclusive provider of the CMC accreditation now for over five years.

The CMC exam is uniquely challenging in that chefs have to be extremely skilled and well-rounded in all areas of culinary arts. The areas of testing include: garde manger, baking, gastronomic with wine pairing and nutritional vegetarian lunch menu. Not only are the candidates tested on taste, composition and presentation, but also nutritional balance and overall healthiness of the dishes.

Needless to say, the Certified Master Chef designation is quite the feat. Congratulations to our successful candidates and all who participated!

CMC Exam creation

CMC Exam creation

CMC Exam Chefs

CMC Exams Winners

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