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Gordon Food Group

Gordon Food Service is committed to helping you feel good about the food you serve, and how you serve it.

We are GOOD FOR YOU! And here is why: 

We are Local.

  • We live and work in local Ontario communities and employ over 500 people across the province.
  • We are proud to offer a broad selection of over 500 Ontario grown or raised grocery, protein, produce and dairy products.
  • We are working with 100 Mile Market® Toronto to offer several items from local farmers within 100 miles of Toronto.

We are Sustainable.

  • We adopt a sustainable philosophy internally and externally.
  • We are evaluating and adjusting our internal recycling and disposals programs.
  • We are a proud member of Ocean Wise TM.

We are serious about Food Safety. 

Food safety is a concern shared by consumers, industry and governments. GFS has established food safety programs: 

  • HACCP certified by the Guelph Food & Technology Centre (GFTC) and the American Institute of Bakers (AIB).
  • Established Immediate Recall Capability & Standard Operating practices.
  • Supporter of the Markon 5-Star Food Safety Audit Program.

We are dedicated to reducing our Carbon Footprint. 

Every year we are working with our customers to improve our Carbon Footprint. In 2008 we were able to achieve:

  • A 7% reduction in the # of loads/week.
  • A 15% increase in the # of pieces/truck.
  • A 9% increase in the # of pieces/KM.


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