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Certified Chef De Cuisine (CCC)

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The Certified Chef de Cuisine program is administered by the Canadian Culinary Institute (CCI) under the auspices of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks (CCFCC) and its local branches (Toronto - Escoffier Society of Toronto).

The program is recognized by the Canadian Human Resource Council (CHRC) with its network of partnering agencies and associations throughout Canada.

Note: The Canadian Culinary Institute (CCI) is a registered trademark of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks.

Admission Requirements

Red Seal Certified, five years in a supervisory/managerial position; National Sanitation Certification; CCFCC Member (if not a member must become a member upon registration).

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 Next cohort starts January 2019!

Greg Howe“I highly recommend taking the Certified Chef de Cuisine program offered at Humber College to fellow industry chefs. This program offers in depth study of Nutrition, Costing, Human Resource Management and Menu Planning. You will learn from a team of chef’s that possess the CCC designation. It also challenges you to create and execute a 6 course menu along with all costing and requisition components. It is one of the most challenging experiences in my career, but at the same time one of the most rewarding. Acquiring my CCC certification has opened many doors over the past few years that would otherwise not have been available to me without my CCC.” – Greg Howe CCC

The CCC program at Humber College is a great way to truly test yourself and know you have what it takes to be a Chef. The CCC designation stands out in the hiring process for any job in the hospitality industry, it separates you from the hundreds of applicants that apply for the same job. It shows the hiring manager that you have drive and the willingness to succeed. The CCC program does not turn you into a Great Chef, but it does give you the foundation you need to help you mold yourself on your journey to becoming a Great Chef. I have very much enjoyed my journey through the CCC program, persevering through the trials and tribulation and fostering the connections I have made along the way. When you enter the CCC program you are not alone you need to draw and learn from your fellow classmates because you are more likely to succeed together. The CCC is not an easy venture and it is taught by Chefs that know all too well the journey ahead and as such are able to guide you along your way. The CCC is not just a designation it is a family that supports you and pushes you to succeed. If you want an experience that will challenge you, the CCC program at Humber College is the program for you! 

- Thomas Heitz, Corporte Chef, Kraft Heinz Canada

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plated meal

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Compulsory Courses20192020
CULN 125: Cost Controls  
CULN 156: Human Resource Management  
CULN 157: Menu Planning  
CULN 158: Nutrition  

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