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Culinary Management

Credential: DiplomaProgram Code: 01911Length: 4 semestersProgram Starting Between:  

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet all the requirements below in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission. Admission decisions will be available via MyHumber, or by email and mail. Admission decisions will not be released by phone.

Admission selection is based on the following 3 requirements:

  • Academic

    To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses: 
      • Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent)
      • Three Grade 11 or Grade 12 C, M or U courses in addition to those listed above



    Mature Applicants

    Diplomas and Certificates

    An applicant is considered a mature applicant if they have not completed secondary school or other postsecondary school, and will be 19 or older as of the first day of classes. Humber will invite you for testing to demonstrate that you meet program eligibility.


    An applicant is considered a mature applicant if they have not completed secondary school or attended postsecondary studies, and will be 21 or older as of the first day of classes. Mature applicants for degree programs will be required to meet course requirements at the U/M level or equivalent.

    College Transfer Applicants

    Diplomas and Certificates

    An applicant is considered a college transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a college-level credential. Humber may use a combination of secondary school and/or college courses and grades to determine program eligibility.


    An applicant is considered a college transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a college-level credential. Humber may use a combination of secondary school and/or college courses and grades to determine program eligibility. Applicants must have an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 65 per cent in the program. Applicants are required to disclose and provide academic transcripts for all course work completed at the postsecondary level.

    University Transfer Applicants

    Diplomas and Certificates

    An applicant is considered a university transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a university-level credential. Humber may use a combination of secondary school and/or university courses and grades to determine program eligibility.


    An applicant is considered a university transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a university-level credential. Humber may use a combination of secondary school and/or university courses and grades to determine program eligibility. Applicants are required to disclose and provide academic transcripts for all course work completed at the postsecondary level.

  • English Language Proficiency

    All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.

  • International Credit Evaluation

    Canadian citizens or permanent residents with international education are required to provide a WES or ICAS evaluation.


Admission equivalencies for Humber depend on your country of study. Please enter your location or choose detect my location to see the requirements for your country below.

Post-Admission Requirements

Once you have been accepted, and have confirmed your offer, you may need to complete a further set of requirements related to your program (Post-Admission Requirements).

Professional Industry Standards

This program follows professional industry standards for decorum, uniform, hygiene and personal presentation. Practical courses, which take place in a lab, have strict uniform and attendance standards and policies, which are mandatory for successful completion of the course.

It is mandatory to wear a Humber-issued chef uniform in practical lab classes in this program. Admittance to these classes is not permitted if you are not in uniform. The cost for the uniform has been added to your first semester tuition fees. In order for the uniform to be available for the first day of class, students must submit their size requirements via an online order form. 

For more information and to submit your uniform order, visit


The 2018-2019 fee for two semesters was:

  • domestic: $5,288.18
  • international: $14,964.00

Fees are subject to change.


Humber offers a variety of scholarships each year.

Learn more

Fees by Semester 

Fees by Semester

Semester 1Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$459.78$459.78


Semester 2Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$459.78$459.78


Semester 3Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$459.78$459.78


Semester 4Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$459.78$459.78

*Plus Mandatory Health Insurance fee once per academic year: Fall start - $420 Winter start - $280 Summer start - $140

Additional Costs

$100 – safety shoes; $400 – knife and tool kit; $300 – textbooks, manuals (for two semesters).


Pathways are academic routes that students can take to move from one credential to another.


View Diploma 

Successful graduates of the two-year Culinary Management diploma may be considered for admission and may receive credit towards the first year of study. 

View Diploma 

Qualified graduates of the Culinary Management program may be considered for admissions and may receive credit towards the first semester of study.  For more information please contact your Program Coordinator.  


  • Bachelor of Management

Students who complete a 2 year diploma at Humber will be granted 60 credit hours toward the completion of a bachelor degree program at Davenport University. You will need to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours (approximately two years of full-time attendance) to meet residency and program requirements and to complete your bachelor degree program. Students must complete a minimum total of 120 semester credit hours to earn a bachelor degree. The total credit hours will include the completed 2 year diploma classes plus any courses completed through Davenport University.

Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution. Please contact the institution for detailed admission requirements.

  • Law LLB

Humber students who have successfully completed a Diploma in any field at Humber College and meet the requirements, will be considered for admission into the University of Gloucestershire's Law LLB (Hons) (2-year fast track). International students should demonstrate and must provide evidence that they have attained a level of English Equivalent to IELTS 6.0 overall. Alternative acceptable English Language qualifications can be found at:

Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution. Please contact the institution for detailed admission requirements

Contact Us

Program Specific Questions

Linda Sam
416.675.6622 ext. 5943

Admissions Questions

Domestic Students  

Phone: 416-675-5000

International Students  

Contact the International Centre

How to Apply

Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber's program pages or

Admissions Road Map

Apply through Ontario Colleges


If you’re an international student, you can apply directly to Humber via our International Centre.

Apply through the International Centre

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Learn international cooking techniques from world-renowned chefs

Humber’s Culinary Management diploma program teaches you the skills you need to excel as a chef in the culinary industry. Work in the world’s finest dining establishments, and take advantage of international study opportunities. Kick your career up a notch by competing in on-campus, national and international skill competitions.

This program will also prepare you to to design, organize, implement, serve and execute your own dinner event in the “Chef's Table” course. Using a market-related themed menu, mise en place and à la carte cooking, students will showcase classical and contemporary techniques and skill.

The Charcuterie and Advanced Garde Manger courses involve students using contemporary level food presentation, styling techniques and becoming proficient with various butchery processes on a wide range of meats. The Emerging Trends course is unique among Ontario colleges, providing students with the opportunity to work alongside local guest chefs.

Students also have the opportunity to experience preparing meals on the Humber Food Truck, Humber’s classroom on wheels.

In addition, students work alongside some of the country’s best chefs. Students receive unmatched time spent with several leading chefs about what’s happening in today’s restaurant scene and food industry.

Note: A fast-track program is implemented for the January start. The first semester (January to April) is immediately followed by the second semester (May to August), resulting in a short summer break. The third semester begins in September, allowing students to complete the two-year program in just 16 months.

Courses Program Standards

Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

  • Provide accomplished culinary planning, preparation, and presentation for a variety of food service environments.
  • Provide advanced culinary planning, preparation and presentation for a variety of food service environments using a range of classical and contemporary techniques.
  • Contribute to marketing effectiveness to promote the successful operation of a hospitality operation.
  • Apply basic and advanced food and bake science to food preparation to create a desired end product.
  • Contribute to the management of a variety of food and beverage operations by the effective use of hospitality management skills.
  • Contribute to and monitor adherence of others to the provision of a well-maintained kitchen environment and to the service of food and beverage products that are free from harmful bacteria or other contaminants, adhering to health, safety, sanitation and food handling regulations.
  • Ensure ongoing personal growth in the areas of self-management, interpersonal skills, professional ability, and industry awareness.
  • Ensure the safe operation of the kitchen and all aspects of food preparation to promote healthy work spaces, responsible kitchen management and efficient use of resources.
  • Create menus that reflect knowledge of nutrition and food ingredients, promote general health and well-being, respond to a range of nutritional needs and preferences and address modifications for special diets, food allergies and intolerances, as required.
  • Apply business principles and recognized industry costing and control practices to food service operations to manage and promote a fiscally responsible operation.
  • Apply knowledge of sustainability, ethical and local food sourcing, and food security to food preparation and kitchen management, recognizing the potential impacts on food production, consumer choice and operations within the food service industry.
  • Select and use technology, including contemporary kitchen equipment, for food production and promotion.
  • Perform effectively as a member of a food and beverage preparation and service team and contribute to the success of a food-service operation by applying self-management and interpersonal skills.
  • Develop strategies for continuous personal and professional learning to ensure currency with and responsiveness to emerging culinary techniques, regulations, and practices in the food service industry.
  • Contribute to the development of marketing strategies that promote the successful operation of a food service business.
  • Contribute to the business management of a variety of food and beverage operations to foster an engaging work environment that reflects service excellence.


Work Placement

Qualified students will complete work placements in the kitchen of a leading hotel, restaurant or golf course of their choice for seven unpaid weeks in the fourth semester (40 hours per week). Students are also able to apply for placements across Canada and internationally, which has jumpstarted many successful careers.

Uniform Orders

Select your uniform for this program.

Internship Partners

Program Availability

September 2019NorthOpenClosed
January 2020NorthOpenOpen

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This program is approved by WACS

WACS logoWACS logo

The Humber Experience

Food Building

HRT was at the 2018 CNE cooking up delicious snacks in the food building. Watch the video to find out more. 

WNET Video

Watch this video and see Humber and HRT host the Women Enterning Non Traditional Trades Conference. 

BTV Culinary Lab Live

Watch the video to see Culinary faculty and students on Breakfast Television. 

Learning Garden Video

Watch the video to find out more about HRT's learning garden containing local and sustainable foods.

culinary lab

Watch the video to learn the difference between the Culinary Skills and Culinary Management program?

The Humber Advantage

State-Of-The-Art Labs

Our seven on-campus kitchen labs comprise the most modern facilities in the world. Among them are the award-winning culinary demonstration theatre and kitchen lab, induction cooking labs with high-tech exhaust and theatre-style seating and cooking demonstration area.

The Humber Centre for Healthy Living

Students will receive hands-on experience in our on-campus Humber Centre for Healthy Living. Drawing on the expertise of HRT faculty and students, the CHL offers a range of programs, services, and events for MAKING HEALTHY HAPPEN within the Humber community.

Learn From Trending Chefs

This program has an outstanding curriculum that is ever-evolving with current industry trends and guest chefs.

Alumni Success

Cori Lemmen

Cori Lemmen

"We had two different co-op opportunities that gave us a true taste of what it's like in the real world of a chef. Many of the professors were chef's themselves. They thoroughly prepared us for what to expect in the work world."

Ryan Hay

Ryan Hay

"Humber really taught me a lot about time management and being very organized. If you can learn to be super organized and manage your time very effectively, you can be successful in the culinary world."

Rob Yu

Rob Yu

"When I left Humber and officially started my professional career, I was well prepared and knew the basics of tasks that the chef would ask of me."

Candice Ekonomakos

Candice Ekonomakos

By night, she cooks at The Ritz-Carlton; by day, she helps prepare meals at homeless shelters across the city of Toronto.

Sophia Doria

Sophia Doria

Intent on fuelling her passion for cooking, six years ago Sophie Doria waved goodbye to a successful career in commercial real estate to jump into the culinary world full-time.

Christine Fancy

Christine Fancy

Fancy honed her skills at Humber College and has since worked at well-regarded restaurants across Toronto, including Colborne Lane, Origin and Auberge du Pommier.

Melina Lund

Melina Lund

When Melina Lund entered Humber's Food and Nutrition Management and Culinary Management programs, she never imagined that path would lead her to a career in food sales.


Tania Sousa

"I've taken what I learned in my culinary and nutrition courses and get to apply it in my work every day."

Jason RossoJason Rosso

Now, at age 43, he has come back to the beginning, returning to the site–341 Main St. N. – where he once worked as a line-cook, but this time he’s the boss, as he opens his new restaurant J. Red & Co.

Ryan Collie

Ryan Collie

Humber Culinary Management grad, Ryan Collie recently had the opportunity to attend the World Chef's Congress 2016 in Greece. In a recent article on the CCFCC Junior Mise blog, Ryan tells us how he was selected for this once in a lifetime experience and recalls his favourite parts of the Congress.

Placement Testimonial

Our Industry Partner, Woodbine Entertainment, is always happy to welcome student interns into their organization. Here's what they had to say about our students in their latest company newsletter:

"[The Culinary Management and Culinary Skills programs] have given us the ability to develop a talent pipeline and an opportunity to hire some amazing individuals.

The purpose of the internship is to provide the Culinary Arts students with an opportunity to work in an industry kitchen. The hands-on experience gives each student a greater insight into the day-to-day operation, the stress of real timelines, the importance of being punctual and a better idea of their future career."

Study Globally

florence university of the arts

Semester Abroad - Florence University of the Arts

This program is designed to offer students with a meaningful and challenging experience of culinary arts and baking & pastry from an international perspective. This opportunity is offered in Semester 4.


Two-Week Global Adventure - Italy

Embark on a trip packed full of dinners, tastings, tours, seminars, workshops and sightseeing opportunities.


Two-Week Global Adventure - Nunavut

Students are involved in volunteer projects based on their areas of interest and participate in unique local activities and excursions.

Meet the Faculty

Take a 360 Degree Tour of Our New Culinary Lab

For mobile and tablet users, open the video in the YouTube app. For optimal viewing experience use Firefox or Chrome. Currently Safari does not support 360 videos.

Your Career

The demand for passionate, well-trained chefs around the world is constant, and with more than 7,000 restaurants reflecting a wide variety of cultures and cuisines, Toronto is the ideal place to launch your culinary career.

The creative culinary and management skills you’ll gain at Humber will put you in high demand in hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, hospitals, corporate settings and more. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be inspired by the potential to start your own business in the future.

Food service is a constantly evolving industry that has never been more in the spotlight, and culinary management at Humber is your gateway.

Professional Accreditations & Recognition

World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS)

Humber has been awarded international recognition from the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program for meeting or exceeding the WACS standards of quality culinary education. This program is approved by WACS for Fast Track Certification for the Commis de Cuisine Level.

Additional requirements and/or costs may apply.

Note: The requirements for licensure are determined by the granting body, which is independent from Humber College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

Study Abroad

Qualified students in this program may have a unique opportunity to complete their fourth semester in Italy. This eight-week academic program offers our students a meaningful and challenging experience in culinary arts from an international perspective and is offered in partnership with APICIUS International School of Hospitality at the Florence University of Arts. Students are enrolled with Humber and pay an additional program fee for this Semester 4 optional program. The work placement will also be completed in this final semester.

Students may also be eligible to apply for our annual short duration experiential trips. These faculty-led study abroad trips are confirmed in the fall semester and are approximately two weeks in length. Qualified students in this program may apply to participate in experiential learning trips to the Mediterranean/Italy where they have a hands on experience in food culture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean. In addition, eligible students may apply to a study abroad experiential trip to Peru.

Qualified students in this program may also apply to a study abroad service learning trip to contribute to a global community. Past service learning trips were to Nunavut and Nicaragua.

These trips vary each year and are subject to availability and eligibility requirements. Additional fees apply.

Scholarships & Awards

Students may be eligible for a number of scholarships and awards.

News & Events

Luxury Hotel Collection ‘The Dorchester’ Recruitment Visit

Classroom of students listening to speakers

On February 5th, the Talent Acquisition Manager and Head of Learning and Development for the Dorchester Collection visited Humber College to discuss employment opportunities in the United Kingdom with our graduates.

Read More 

HRT Faculty Recognized at President’s Breakfast Awards

President's breakfast awards winners

This year, three School of HRT faculty were recognized for their accomplishments with President’s Breakfast Awards! We are proud to congratulate the following faculty for these well-deserved achievements.

Read More 

Centre for Healthy Living Opens its Brand-New Space

Staff at New CHL

On September 4th, 2018 the Centre for Healthy Living (CHL) officially opened its doors to the Humber community. While the CHL has been around for a few years already, it just got a brand new physical space right here on campus!

Read More 

Humber Outshines their Competitors at Skills Ontario Competition 2018

Skills Ontario Winners

The Skills Ontario Competition was pure entertainment for competition spectators. Taking place on May 7 and running until May 9, students put on a spectacular display showing off their talents to family, friends, educators and hundreds of onlookers.

Read More 

High School Students Compete in 11th Annual Stone Soup Cook-Off

Stone Soup

For the past 11 years, high school students around the GTA have been participating in an afterschool program that teaches them how to cook simple, healthy and affordable meals.

Read More 

Culinary Students Enjoy One Last Hurrah at the Culinary Graduate Luncheon 2018

Group shot of graduating culinary students

Culinary students were treated to one last hurrah at Humber before they journeyed off into their brand new careers. On April 30th, the Humber Room was packed with excitement and memories as recent graduates enjoyed delicious food with their fellow colleagues, instructors, and Humber alumni.

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Students Battle it Out for the Title of Best Bold Sandwich and a Cash Prize

Student and judges

On Friday, April 13 the School of HRT’s Nutrition, Culinary and Baking students battled it out for the title of Best Bold Sandwich at the Nestle Professional Minor’s Bold Sandwich Cook-off.

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The School of HRT Hosts Skills Ontario Culinary Qualifying Competition

Student cooking at Skills Ontario

On Saturday, April 7th, the School of HRT hosted Skills Ontario for the Qualifying Culinary Competition for high school students. 

Read More 

Culinary Mix and Mingle

Career Mixer 2

On Tuesday, March 6th, the culinary programs hosted a Mix and Mingle for culinary students and professionals to get together and discuss different avenues available for a fulfilling culinary career.

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Study Abroad Nunavut Students Team Up With Humber Galleries to Educate and Inspire

Nunavut 1

As students get ready to head to Arviat, Nunavut for the adventure of a lifetime, Humber Galleries has just opened a show that brings together images of groundbreaking video collectives from Nunavut.

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Culinary Professor and PC Shares What You Can Do to Reduce Food Waste

Shonah Chalmers, HRT's Culinary Program Coordinator and Professor, spoke with True North Living about what you can do to reduce food waste.

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HRT Culinary Students Participate in 2018 College Day at Queen’s Park

Queen's Park 3

This year the 2018 College Day at Queen’s Park celebrated innovation in our school system with the High-Tech World of Colleges (H-TWC) morning exhibit and evening reception.

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Alumni Offer Culinary Management Students Career Advice

Culinary Alumni Panel

This week our current Culinary students got to learn from their predecessors at the Culinary Alumni Panel. This event gave our budding chefs the opportunity to pick the brains of professionals who were in their shoes before.

Read More 

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce Food Waste

Reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of food waste produced in your household with these three easy, straightforward tips according to Shonah Chalmers, Culinary Program Coordinator at Humber College.

Alumni Q&A: Melina Lund

When Melina Lund entered Humber's Food and Nutrition Management and Culinary Management programs, she never imagined that path would lead her to a career in food sales.

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