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Food Service Operations

Certificate of Achievement | SV91

1 Year - Ontario College Certificate

The Food and Beverage industry employs many Canadian workers. Around the globe and domestically, the demand for trained, skilled workers has never been higher.


Experts predict that labour shortages will rapidly increase in the next twenty years. Train for front-line service at hotels, resorts, restaurants, reatil food service, catering, food trucks and other tourism agencies.

This certificate will provide students with hands-on experiential learning and certifications related to a variety of food service operations. Humber’s hospitality and food service courses are conducted in our state of the art facilities that provide real life experiences. Students will be prepared to not only master the skills of the business, but will be provided career preparation guidance as well.

Hospitality student serving in the Humber Room

Hospitality student serving in the Humber Room

Career Opportunities

  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Bartender
  • Wine Server
  • Banquet Server



Semester 1


FDSV 100 - Introduction to Food and Beverage Operations

Monday January 22 - Monday April 2, $350.00, 10 weeks, 30 hours

This introductory food service course will familiarize students with key food and beverage concepts. Students will explore basic cooking styles, culinary terms, dietary restrictions and influence of customs and traditions on today’s menus. They will be introduced to current trends influencing today’s hospitality industry. This course will provide an introduction to beer, wine and spirits and their impact on menu planning. At the end of the course students will obtain their Smart Serve Certificate and Basic Food Safety Certification.

FDSV 101 - Customer Service Skills

Tuesday January 23 - Tuesday April 3, $350.00, 10 weeks, 30 hours

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of Customer Service skills with a focus on customer centric service culture. Students will learn about communication, employee engagement, internal and external customers, customer loyalty and its impact on financial performance. This course will also focus on service recovery, and effective ways to resolve customer complaints.

FDSV 102 - Food Services Operations Practical

Thursday January 25 - Thursday April 5, $350.00, 10 weeks, 30 hours

This course will provide students a hands-on experience in three major food service operational areas; food retail, food truck and catering operations. Students will learn the fundamental skills to operate these dynamic and varied operations. Students will leave with an understanding on how to run a successful and profitable operation.

Semester 1 courses will be available in the winter semester for registration

Semester 2


FDSV 120 - Restaurant Service Practicum

$599.00, 15 weeks, 60 hours

This course will provide students a practical hands-on application for the role of a server in a restaurant operation. Students will gain insight into menu planning, point of sale system operations, customer service interaction and an understanding of the business of a restaurant operation. This course is taught in the Gordon Food service Humber room where students will learn and practice their technical and customer service skills in a full service restaurant that includes a gastro pub and fine dining environment.

FDSV 121 - Career Preparation

$350.00, 10 weeks, 30 hours

This course will introduce students to the professional standards and career planning skills within the hospitality industry. Students will develop resumes, practice job interview skills, network and learn job search strategies. 

FDSV 122 - Introduction to Beverages

$350.00, 10 weeks, 30 hours

In this practical hands-on course students will learn the knowledge and skills to successfully prepare and serve beverages in a food service operation. Topics covered will include product knowledge of wine, beer and spirits, tea and coffee. Students will learn the impact of beverage sales to a business operation.

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