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Abra Dzamesi

Program and year graduated: Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management, 2008.

Current position and summary of role: Room Operations Manager at Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville - I oversee the day to day operations of a hotel. Pre-arrival planning by identifying our elite members to ensure their preferences are well catered for and met, including guests with special requests and needs. Coordinate with housekeeping to ensure rooms are ready for arrival as per arrangement.

What do you love about your job/career?

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, essentially the industry allows me to work in a multi-cultural environment. It’s just a rewarding experience. Going above and beyond to ensure our patrons have a memorable hotel experience, never a dull moment with colleagues, client situations will put you to the test every day. Above all, the unpredictable nature of my position keeps it exciting as you grow and develop skills as well as your technical competencies.

How did Humber help you?  

The training/curriculum helped me immensely build the foundation for my career.

Are there growth opportunities in your field? 

The hospitality industry is constantly growing and evolving. There is a constant demand at the front office, revenue, sales, housekeeping, accounting and more. The sky is the limit for anyone who wants to grow within the industry and the skill set is transferable, so you could work anywhere in the world.

Why should students consider hospitality as a career? 

It’s a thriving industry with real opportunities to develop fulfilling long-term careers. It allows for creativity for one to come up with ideas and experiences to leave the consumer with a wonderful experience every time. The industry is also full of career advancement due to the constantly evolving nature. Furthermore, the perks are amazing ‒ travelling all over the world through internationalization or a transfer within brands. Lastly, the educational aspect of continual reinvention of oneself, the growth and development potential are endless.

Written by Sean McNeely