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Amanda Hart-Evans - Registered Massage Therapist

Age: 26
Program/Graduating Year: Massage Therapy, 2014

Role: Assists patients with rehabilitation or wellness goals through manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Works one-on-one with the patient and collaborates with other health care professionals to help relieve pain and treat acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Works with a wide range of individual’s ‒ from people who have been involved with work injuries or car accidents to cancer rehabilitation.

The best part of the job: “That every person is unique and the treatment plans are tailored to each individual so it's never boring! It's also amazing to apply my knowledge of massage therapy skills to help someone feel better. It's a great feeling knowing I've helped someone get back to their activities of daily living with more ease, from being able to lift their groceries or grandchildren with less pain, to going back to playing baseball with a less painful shoulder.

How Humber helped: “The Massage Therapy teachers at Humber are amazing and we had a great Program Coordinator. Not only does the course incorporate the necessary theory needed, but with the internships and labs you learn the practical skills necessary to prepare you for the real world."