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Christine Farkas - Consultant, IHeartFood Canada

Age: 29
Program/Graduating Year: Culinary Management 2007; Culinary Administration, 2008

Role: Explores the sensory attributes of pulses (peas, beans, lentils & chickpeas), and works to discover optimal texture and flavour combinations of these ingredients. Works extensively with the Canadian pulse industry to communicate to the food sector the exciting potential that pulses bring to the table. Work under IHeartFood Canada also includes: recipe development; video work; teaching culinary workshops; and demonstrating how to make cooking with a range of nutrient-dense ingredients easier.

The best part of the job: “I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge. I’m constantly learning from the people I meet, which is always exciting. I’m a believer that education (whether experiential/formal) is necessary throughout life. It makes this journey more exciting because it can open doors beyond imagination.”

How Humber helped: “Humber helped me to build a strong culinary foundation, which I’ve grown from and continue to build on today. The Humber Chefs brought knowledge, experience and humor to the classroom. I made amazing connections with peers and instructors. The fact that I can reach out to these great Chefs nearly 10 years later is pretty special. From Humber I moved forward with other academic programs that helped me advance my career and start my own consulting business.”