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Kim Schouten - Wellness Coordinator, The Hospital for Sick Children

Age: 28
Program/Graduating Year: 2012  

Role: Plans, implements and evaluates wellness initiatives for the SickKids staff Wellness Program – a program that addresses physical and psychological health risks of staff through accessible services, programs, events, facilities and resources. Kim manages operations in the onsite Wellness Centre, trains wellness students and provides program statistics. She also researches innovative wellness initiatives and best practices to foster an inclusive environment and develop internal and external partnerships.

The best part of the job: “Each day involves something different. From implementing new initiatives in our Wellness Centre; to monthly events; to fostering new and exciting collaborations; I can’t pinpoint what I enjoy most. Knowing the Wellness Program has had a positive impact on staff is probably the most rewarding.”

How Humber helped: “Humber provided me with hands-on experience and networking opportunities that I hadn’t experienced in my undergraduate degree. Every single component of the program helped get me to where I am today. The classes and professors are phenomenal. I completed my internship with Tri Fit at Johnson and Johnson Inc. and just eight months after graduating, I was offered this position. I learned about the opportunity with SickKids through the job posting emails sent to alumni.