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Tania Ferlin

Tania Ferlin graduated from the Hotel and Restaurant Management program in spring of 2013. The day after she completed her internship as a sales intern at one of the largest Courtyard Marriotts located in downtown Toronto, she was asked to join the team permanently as an Events Coordinator. By working diligently and persistently, Tania moved her way up through the hotel's ranks and became a Sales Manager at Marriott International selling for 20 hotels across Canada. After some contemplation, Tania made the decision to enter a different market and joined the Westin Print team as a Business Transient Sales Manager.

With curiosity tugging on her mind, Tania began to question whether other industries were just as stimulating as the hotel industry. She decided to take a six-month hiatus and accepted an operations role at a cleaning company. She quickly came to the realization she missed the hotel industry and rejoined in January 2017as a Corporate Group Sales Manager at the Hyatt Regency Toronto where she still currently works.

The passion she demonstrates through her daily work is because of her love for connecting with clientele and her desire to help people in the most authentic way. Walking into work every day, she is welcomed by her wonderful colleagues and clientele that remind her why she loves her chosen profession.

In the summer of 2017, something happened at work that changed Tania’s career. A client approached her and asked how much she knew about human trafficking. Tania responded that she knew it was a huge and devastating global issue, however, she did not realize it was a domestic problem as well. She was astonished to find that Human Trafficking is a common crime that is committed in the hotel industry without management’s comprehension.

After attending a presentation and industry information session led by Sandy Biback, founder of Meeting Professionals against Human Trafficking, Tania realized that she needed to get involved in increasing awareness surrounding this largely overlooked issue. As a hotelier, she had the opportunity to make a big difference.

“How can we solve a problem we don’t know exists?”, asked Tania. Any hope for ending sex trafficking begins with an education. The entire hotel industry should be educated, trained, aware, and empowered to report signs of human trafficking.

Tania is now a member of Meeting Professionals against Human Trafficking (MPAHT), an organization dedicated to bringing awareness surrounding this controversial topic. Her collaboration with Humber has given her the opportunity to speak to the current Hospitality Management classes and postgraduate classes about the subject. As a member of the MPAHT committee, Tania contributes to the Education and Outreach team by developing partnerships, as well as support in fundraising. She dove into the research of Human trafficking head-on by connecting with numerous non-profits, the Provincial Government’s Community of Social Services Human Trafficking Awareness Team, school board trustees, interviewed Toronto police, completed a half-day training on the topic with Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board/Peel Regional Police, and networked with many other individuals and groups working to raise awareness.

Tania has found her calling in the incredibly powerful, passionate, hardworking and dedicated group of individuals at MPAHT. She is a proud member of such a valued organization and looks forward to continuing the Human Trafficking conversation in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Thank you, Tania, for your dedication to Humber College and to the hotel and hospitality industry!