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My Journey at Humber

Chris Diamantakos, owner of Clear Cut Fitness, has had his share of success and hardships since graduating from Humber, but these ups and downs have made him a better trainer and business person. Creating a gym from the ground up certainly isn't easy, but there's nothing else Chris would rather be doing.

My name is Chris Diamantakos and I’m the owner of Clear Cut Fitness. My journey didn’t start there – that’d be boring. It actually started at Humber College where I enrolled in the Fitness and Health Promotions program.

"Growing up, I always had a passion for physical activity and especially athletics. The thought of using the gym to improve sports performance was SO cool to me, I wanted to learn more and I knew this program would help."

The courses at Humber were a huge help in teaching me the basics and the foundations necessary for becoming a great trainer. Specifically Applied Anatomy and Exercise Prescription. I also had some great teachers that really influenced me and guided me towards further continue my education after Humber.

After graduating, I was fortunate enough to have the folks at The Yorkville Club (which is now Equinox) take a chance on me as a young and relatively inexperienced trainer. That was a dream come true because:

  1. They required trainers have at least 3 yrs experience, whereas I only had 1.
  2. The pay was substantially higher than a regular big box gym.
  3. They gave us free continued education. Flying in top trainers, researchers and educators worldwide to teach us advanced methods that kept us on top of our game.

Turns out I wasn’t cut out for that place so soon into my career. It was hard to leave and it felt like a failure but it pushed me to become even better. After TYC I was offered the Head Trainer position at a local gym called Bomb Fitness.

I spent 2 years gaining experience, honing my craft and then it hit me. I had an idea for a gym that I hadn’t seen in Toronto. Very simple concept and I felt like that should be my next step. Working 40hrs a week as a trainer is rough especially with a split schedule. I thought ahead and realized if I wanted something better for my situation, I've gotta take the risk and open this gym.

Much like you’d expect, it wasn’t all roses... Turns out, if you don’t have a lot of money to begin with, the banks and the government won’t give you any.

I was forced to start small and use all my own money and savings – literally had $0 after start-up.

I opened the gym as just a 1 on 1 400 square feet studio for just myself and my clients. I got myself a business coach and stayed true to my core values by ensuring every client was happy and I was going above and beyond to get them to their goals.

The business grew so well that in 6 months, it was time to expand, create a new brand and hire trainers under me.

We expanded into about 700 square feet, and there are now 5 amazing trainers who share the same passion as me.

The gym is becoming a community with not just the trainers but the clients and local businesses as well. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.