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Christina Secara - Supervisor, Compass Group (Sunnybrook Hospital)

Age: 25
Program/Graduating Year: Culinary Management, 2011; Food and Nutrition Management, 2014

Role: Working within retail food services and patient food services, provides food quality assurance, food cost controlling, and recipe adherence. Ensures patients are provided with good quality food that aligns with their specific diets.

The best part of the job: “Being in the main production and plating of meals. It lets me see what is happening and keeps me in all the action. For one brand launch, I was put in charge of a staff of eight people. We had to come up with ways and processes to make over 600 food items daily. It took a lot of planning and prepping to make sure everything launched smoothly. The customer responses were overwhelmingly positive.

How Humber helped: “Going to Humber was a great decision. By completing my diplomas at Humber, not only did I gain knowledge for my professional life, I gained knowledge to live a healthier personal life. The instructors are the best thing about Humber as they are available to support you within the classroom, while making themselves available to help you start your career.”