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Dan Smerka

Q: Name? Age?

A. Dan Smerka, Age 30

Q. Program and year graduated?

A. Hospitality Management, Graduated in 2009

Q. Why did you choose Humber College?

A. I heard great things about the program, and Humber is a reputable school. A lot of my friends got jobs quickly after graduating from the program.

Q. Which class did you find most beneficial?

A. I found financials with Susan Radka very beneficial. We learned about income statements, profit loss, basically restaurant management.

Q. What do you enjoy about your career?

A. It’s a big world but a small industry. I enjoy meeting new people every day, and I also enjoy the opportunity I have to be personable with my clients.

Q. What advice would you give future/current students taking this program?

A. Make sure you are doing what you love.

Q. What was the biggest obstacle you faced during your time as a student?

A. The biggest obstacle I faced during my time as a student was balancing work and school. It was challenging at times trying to do both, but it’s all about time management.

Q. How did your experience at Humber help you find employment after graduation?

A. My time at Humber helped me open eyes when it came to what to expect, not just what I would be doing. This in the long run helped me find employment after graduation.

Q. In what ways did Humber prepare you for the work world?

A. The teachers did a great job helping me get prepared for the work world. They really care about you and your success, and want you to succeed.

Q. In your opinion, what are 5 crucial skills needed to perform your job?





Hard Working


Q. Why Hospitality?

A. I like the atmosphere.

Q. What opportunities would you urge other students to take advantage of?

A. Internship. Pick a place you actually want to work for when choosing your internship and do your best while working there. They may decide to hire you after. Take advantage of this program, use the tools provided and be sure to follow up whenever necessary.