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Elizabeth Langford—A Passion for Nutrition

When Elizabeth Langford started Humber’s Food and Nutrition Management Program, she admits her culinary skills were less than stellar. She could follow a recipe, but considering she wasn’t sure which knife to use, she wasn’t about to be asked to be a contestant on MasterChef Canada.

Elizabeth's degree in kinesiology provided her with a foundation in nutrition and with Humber’s training she was able to turn theory into practice to become a well-rounded nutritionist - able advise to patients on not only what to eat, but how to prepare it. Elizabeth landed a full-time job as a nutritionist and medical assistant just three months after she graduated in 2013.

“I’m an example of someone who had a goal and used my program to my advantage to reach that goal,” says the 25-year-old from Toronto. “This was exactly what I was looking for and Humber definitely prepared me for where I am now.”

She is grateful to Humber’s instructors who were well-connected in the field and genuinely interested in helping her find a job, “I found them really helpful in terms of guiding me in my career path…they truly care about your success in the industry."

cutting vegetables on cutting board

Now working alongside a doctor in a field she loves, Elizabeth provides nutritional counselling to patients, advising them on diet plans, food selection and preparation. For many of her patients the goal is healthy weight loss for others it is using diet to manage chronic disease and optimize health. 

“My passion is nutrition and I love the one-on-one interaction,” she says.

Elizabeth Langford, humber graduate

Elizabeth Langford uses the food preparation and culinary skills she acquired at Humber to better connect with her patients every day.