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 Eric Beresford - Alumni of Distinction

“Eric is an extraordinary individual who excels in everything he does and we are delighted to present Eric as the winner of the 2015 Alumni of Distinction Award,”says Rick Simone, Program Coordinator.

Eric Beresford, Hockey League Coordinator for the Town of Oakville has received the Alumni of Distinction Award for the Recreation and Leisure Services Program from the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

From maintaining a hockey arena to running a league, Eric Beresford started the Oakville Recreation Hockey League (ORHL) in 2010 and has grown the league to 182 teams in just five years with his sights on further expansion for 2016.

“I run sports leagues for a living; how cool is that?”

“The Oakville Recreation League started from scratch at our facility in September 2010 and it quickly grew to 19 teams. The 20th team was made up of guys in this building who I managed to convince to join the staff team. Last year we had 182 teams and my portfolio grew to over a million dollars in revenue generation.”

In 2014 Eric was named Provincial Emerging Leader by Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO). He has been a guest presenter at the PRO Education Forum for two consecutive years, showcasing his ideas on how to meet the growing demand for adult hockey leagues.  “The majority of recreation facilities gear their programs toward the youth market, but with our aging population, we need to be providing more opportunities for adults to play hockey,” says Eric who looks at the industry with a forward-thinking approach.

As Hockey League Co-ordinator at the four-pad Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, Eric credits his specialization in Event Management with providing him the hands-on skills to step right into his role, “A lot of my courses involved learning about what is happening day-to-day in the industry, including learning the software program being used by the majority of recreation facilities, so I could jump right into the job and use the technology,” explains Eric. “I was well prepared to be able to run events in Oakville."

hockey practise

“I am really enjoying presenting and have come full circle by going back to Humber as a guest speaker to address the program.”

Expanding leagues, camps, teams, increasing revenue and managing social media, Eric also gives back by taking a Humber co-op student each year. He is truly an alumni of distinction.

Eric Beresford, Hockey League Coordinator

Humber College helped Eric Beresford move from maintaining a hockey arena to running a league.