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Helena Sebescen

My name is Helena and I was born in Croatia, but pretty much raised in Brazil. My husband and I came to Canada 2 years ago in 2016 looking for a new adventure. He started working in a big Canadian Bank and I started studying at Humber College in hopes of combining my degree in Business Management to Food & Nutrition Management.

At the beginning, I was scared because besides learning a new language, I had to learn new terms and concepts of Food and Nutrition. Since the very first day, I felt that all the instructors cared about preparing me by giving me all the necessary tools for me to be successful and making sure I understood the topics even with language barriers. It was not just learning about Food and Nutrition, it was about preparing you for the workplace, whether it was through study cases, volunteering, placement, and networking.

Finally, Humber has provided with vast volunteer opportunities from working at hospitals and LTC, focusing on Patient/Resident Food Services to children\seniors programs for a healthy lifestyle and dining experience. Furthermore, I have also worked with the College's catering team.

Overall, my initiative for participating in many opportunities did not go unnoticed, last year I was awarded from CAFP (Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals) and Humber College, and also placed 4th at CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Management) student case study competition.

These are experiences that I will never forget, and has prepared me to be successful in the field. Because all the support that Humber gave me, now I am a manager in training in a food service company, which will allow me to understand, manage and lead different “brands” of food service areas, as well gain quality work experience with unique learning and development opportunities such as financial accountability, purchasing, HR responsibilities, client relationships and presentation skills, which I was already exposed to during all 2 years of my program at Humber College.