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Janine C. Conde

Q: Name? Age?

A. My name is Janine C. Conde and I will be turning 24 in July.

Q. Program and year graduated?

A. I completed the Hotel and Restaurant Management program in June 2016.

Q. Why did you choose Humber College?

A. I chose Humber College as when I did my research, I saw they provide a great overall structure of the program and also have a wide variety of support resources that can be easily accessed through the campus/online.

Q. Which class did you find most beneficial?

A. When I was just starting the program, I was very excited with Food and Beverage Practical/Operations, Beverage Management and Hotel Operations Management but after I completed the program and currently upgrading to Commerce specified for Human Resources - the most beneficial class was Hospitality Accounting & Budgeting and Effective Leadership & Human Resources.

Q. What do you enjoy about your career?

A. I enjoy the management aspect as I like to be in control of the day-to-day operations and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. I also find that being in management keeps me on my toes all the time. There's always new challenges and to be able to face it and deal with any sort of hard times makes me stronger each day.

Q. What advice would you give future/current students taking this program?

A. My advice to all the students that's currently taking the program: Be patient on the process. Yes, there may be hard times-but success doesn't just happen in a matter of wishes, seconds or by dreaming it. You need to stay focus and stay on track! There's tons of opportunities on your way!

To all the future students: I suggest to take a quick test and see if Hospitality is right for you!

1.) Do you love to travel?

2.) How important is hospitality for you?

3.) Love to challenge yourself? If all of your answers are a big YES for you, then you have your answer! Hospitality is rapidly growing industry and the opportunities are endless! Almost 80% of hospitality graduates enter employment within six months of graduation. It's diverse and dynamic, great perks, very creative industry, and its Global!

What's not there to love about hospitality?!

Q. What was the biggest obstacle you faced during your time as a student?

A. My biggest obstacle when I was a student was being the student! Daydreaming of where I will be, what will I be doing, who I will become and many more! My thoughts were taking me beyond- it made me push myself to the point where I felt nothing but pressure.

During my freshman year, the biggest obstacle was mainly the volume of work and time management. It was a big transition from high school and the typical “pulling an all nighter + early lectures” was definitely always a mission. Coffee was a good friend!

Time management skills.. it was never easy to acquire, but with determination and consistency I was able to adopt the importance of this and how it will play a big role in the workforce!

Q. How did your experience at Humber help you find employment after graduation?

A. Humber provides many programs for Internship and offers the right tools to be ready for employment! I was one of the candidates who applied for SWEP (Student Working Experience Program) which led me to my Hospitality Development! My experience with SWEP was phenomenal. I worked for Fairmont Hotel & Resort Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. I was not only exposed to a different sector of Hospitality, but I also got the taste of ‘what's in it’ to be in this Industry.

Q. What opportunities would you urge other students to take advantage of?

A. I urge students to take advantages of social group meetups that is always held when certain Hospitality Company’s are coming to advertise their brands. It's always good to ask questions and know more about the industry. Also, always be ready! Opportunities are endless!

Q. In your opinion, what are 5 crucial skills needed to perform your job?

A. In my best knowledge and opinion, the following are needed to go further in your Hospitality Career:

1.) Integrity

2.) Communication

3.) Problem Solving/Conflict Management

4.) Initiative

5.) Goal Setting

Q. Why Hospitality?

A. Hospitality, for it is a door to the world. Every country has a world of Hospitality! It is the key to discover new cultures, new people, and new countries!

Q. In what ways did Humber prepare you for the work world?

A. The Hotel and Restaurant Management was filled with courses that provided thorough knowledge but also how the work force would be. For instance: Food and beverage practical class gave me the opportunity to experience all sort of positions and job duties. This includes to be the General Manager of the restaurant, to be the Head front desk operator, Bartender, Server and much more. This provided me the lessons and skills to take with me for the work world.

I believe that Humber prepared me for the work force by ensuring that I have the core knowledge and values required to succeed.