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Khristy Bennett

Q: Name? Age?

A. Khristy Bennett, 37

Q. Program and year graduated?

A. Hospitality Management

Q. Why did you choose Humber College?

A. I choose Humber because it is highly recommended, and also had other courses I could take if I choose to continue my education.

Q. Which class did you find most beneficial?

A. I would say it would have to be Hospitality Purchasing and Cost, it allowed me to better understand cost of goods sold and how it effects your business and profitability.

Q. What do you enjoy about your career?

A. Being in the hospitality industry is very exciting, no two days are ever the same. Socializing with the guests, creating new friendships, and the challenges it brings day to day. It also brings self-realization of one’s strength and capability's.

Q. What advice would you give future/current students taking this program?

A. Take every opportunity to learn to help you advance in your career. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom to reach the top. A job may not always pay what you expect but the learning curve can help you achieve your goals to further yourself in your career.

Q. What was the biggest obstacle you faced during your time as a student?

A. In my second year of Hospitality Management I got a promotion at my place of work as General Manager. I was a full time student and had just accepted a full time job. I knew this would be a challenge, but I took on the responsibility anyway, even after being told my grades would drop significantly. There was a lot of pressure to do well, not just in school but also as a new General Manager. There were sleepless nights and tears, but I pushed my way through it. Although I was no longer on the honor role at school in my last year, my grades had only dropped by 5%. It was the greatest feeling of accomplishment I had in years.

Q. In what ways did Humber prepare you for the work world?

A. I had already been in hospitality for 15 years while I was at Humber College. I thought I knew everything but little did I know there was so much more to learn about hospitality. Humber gave me insight on what it takes to make a restaurant be successful, such as first impressions, what actually goes on in the back ground, budgets, COGS, labour etc.

Q. What opportunities would you urge other students to take advantage of?

A. Feel out the job market in hospitality, I have worked in many areas ranging from retail, fast food, customer serve, restaurants, and also did my internship at Sheraton Airport Hotel in Meeting and Events. Doing so helped me realize my love for the Food & Beverage industry.

Q. In your opinion, what are 5 crucial skills needed to preform your job?

A. Excellent customer service skills, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Patience

Q. Why Hospitality?

A. Hospitality has always been where I was at my best. It’s the only job that I have ever had were I would walk in with a smile every day. No two days are ever the same, you get to meet many different people from all over the world, hear people's story's, get to be creative. It is not a 9-5 job and, depending on who you work for, you may also get to travel.

Q. How did your experience at Humber help you find employment after graduation?

A. It actually helped me find employment as stated above while I was in school, but also helped me land a job with Cara Operations at Fionn MacCool's as a corporate general manager. Having a diploma from a credible college such has Humber will help you advance faster in your career.