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Michael Jensen

Q: Name? Age?

A. Michael Jensen, Age 47.

Q. Program and year graduated?

A. Cuisine Apprentice, graduated in 1993.

Q. Why did you choose Humber College?

A. I heard good things about the program from friends who had just completed their Certified Chef De Cuisine here and I also wanted to learn from some of the instructors who were teaching there at the time.

Q. Which class did you find most beneficial?

A. The class I found most beneficial was hospitality math. We learned things such as how to run a business, how to properly price menu options. It really helped me understand how to properly run a business and make a living.

Q. What do you enjoy about your career?

A. I like working with people, I enjoy the creativity, and managing a business.

Q. What advice would you give future/current students taking this program?

A. Be fully engaged in every class you take. Even the boring ones that think won’t benefit you are useful. You will learn clear management, how to conduct yourself in an interview, this is all important so you can become a full complete chef once you graduate.

Q. What was the biggest obstacle you faced during your time as a student?

A. The biggest obstacle I faced during my time here as a student was balancing work and school.

Q. In what ways did Humber prepare you for the work world?

A. Humber prepared me for the work world with courses such as Hospitality math. This was the course that taught me things I wouldn’t have learned in a work environment. The business side of things, like, how to price things.

Q. What opportunities would you urge other students to take advantage of?

A. Attend meetings, network with chefs, participate in competitions.

Q. In your opinion, what are 5 crucial skills needed to perform your job?


Technical Knowledge

Creativity in Cooking

Passion for customer service and food & beverage. It’s not always an easy job to do if you’re not passionate about it.

Emotional Intelligence – the ability to work w/ different people, different temperaments and different cultures.

Technical ability

Q. At what age did you start cooking?

A. I started cooking when I was 16. I spent a lot of time at grandma’s farm, helping out in the garden and cooking with her in the kitchen. Instead of summer camp, I visited the farm.

Q. How did your experience at Humber help you find employment after graduation?

A. I was already employed when starting my program, because for the program I took you were employed and sponsored by your employer, however I remember losing my job on a Saturday, I brought my resume to a place on Sunday, and on Monday I was called in for a job interview and hired on the spot. Humber is a very reputable school, if you have it on your resume employers are inclined to hire you.