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Patrick O'Hagan - Account Executive, Sales, Calgary Stampeders

Age: 25
Program/Graduating Year: Sport Management, 2013

Role: Sells season tickets, group tickets as well as the premium products which include suites and VIP experiences - anything that can be sold as part of attending a Stampeders game.

The best part of the job: “I get to put a smile on so many faces when they attend our games and I love seeing the stadium at capacity knowing I made a major impact. We don’t sell tickets, we sell the experience of attending our games. The highlight was Attending the Grey Cup in 2014 in Vancouver and rushing the field after Calgary won and receiving a Grey Cup ring.”

How Humber helped: “I was exposed to every facet of the sports industry from facility operations to sales and marketing. The curriculum allows you to figure out what interests you. The internships let you focus those interests you developed in the classroom and lets you apply them in the real world as you gain work experience and practical experience. I obtained my current job simply because I had some real work experience to put on to my resume as opposed to just having a diploma.”