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Sanket Thakkar - Tim Hortons Franchisee 

Age: 26
Program/Graduating Year: Hotel & Restaurant Management, 2012

Role: Visits one or two restaurants a day, works with restaurants teams to assess how managers/supervisors or staff are performing (sales growth, hourly transactions, etc.) and to determine if more training is required. Frequent visits to other Tim Hortons locations to assess best practices from other teams/restaurants and adopt them.

The best part of the job: “Not many people know this, but things change really fast behind the counter at Tim Hortons. We’re also proud to have built one of the finest training programs at our locations. But just as important is my work with the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the impact of your work on the surrounding community. Every year kids that get to go to a camp through each restaurant. I love reading their letters, hearing what they learned and how the Tim’s camp helped them.”

How Humber helped: “Humber was the stepping stone for a lot of the things in my life. Most importantly, it was the access to exceptional professors who bring years of industry knowledge as well as access to how institutions function and work. They stress professionalism in our approach ‒ from the classroom, to the kitchen, to the interviews. All of that has helped me grow quickly within the Tim Hortons family.”