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Sonya Padovani

Program and year graduated: Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management Management Post Graduate Certificate, 2016.

Current position and summary of role: I am the Sales Coordinator at the Omni King Edward Hotel. My role mainly consists of assisting four Group Sales Managers and a Director of Sales. My job duties include, but are not limited to, lead distribution, creating proposals and contracts, assisting with travel and acting as liaison with hotel departments for site inspections.  

What do you love about your job/career?

Every day is different. I get to meet new people every day and help them find the best solutions for their needs.  

How did Humber help you?  

I took a couple of years to work after graduating from university. I had jobs, but not a career. I knew I was passionate about helping people so I enrolled in Humber's Post Graduate Certificate program in Hospitality and Tourism. Even before I enrolled, I found Humber's faculty to be helpful. I was able to talk with faculty members about the program and they referred me to former students working in the hospitality field. I felt like I was making the right choice entering this program. The faculty brought in experts from different fields and the exposure was amazing! It made me feel secure knowing that the career possibilities were endless. With my new contacts and the hands-on learning, I was able to start my career in hotels and I love it!

Are there growth opportunities in your field?  

There is so much growth in hospitality! After my internship, I was hired on as a front desk agent. It was a great way to get my foot in the door. I worked hard, met new people and had a lot of fun. I moved from front desk to sales. My main objective during school was to become a Sales Manager. As a Sales Coordinator, I’m in a great position to achieve that goal. My current sales team are inspiring and hard-working individuals who are more than willing to show me the ropes within the industry.

Why should students consider hospitality as a career? 

I went into this program thinking of building a career. Many people in hospitality have dynamic career paths. I took my time interviewing people before, during, and after I started my program. Everyone had an amazing career story and was willing to share them. I knew I loved problem-solving, working with people and having choices. The hospitality field has been able to cater to my passions.

Written by Sean McNeely