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Sophia Doria ‒ President’s Choice Test Kitchen Chef

Sophie Doria isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone. Intent on fuelling her passion for cooking, six years ago she waved goodbye to a successful career in commercial real estate to jump into the culinary world full-time. The York University Bachelor of Business Administration grad signed up for the Culinary Management program at Toronto’s Humber College, which she completed concurrently with the Culinary Apprentice Program, and she hasn’t slowed down since landing a local job placement at Auberge du Pommier.

“Many team members, including senior management, often comment on Sophie’s attitude and willingness to help with any request,” says Kathlyne Ross, VP Product Development and Innovation, Loblaw. “Sophie exemplifies what our industry is looking for in young culinary professionals who are passionate, dedicated and show great strength of ability.”